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Character visuals are available of Sword Art Online’s “second season”, and it appears we’re dealing a case of “awful” – marvelously intertwined with a lack of originality, capitalized upon with reused elements.

Subject matter and implication are both, of course, crucial when it comes to visual art – and these new character designs of Sword Art Online unsurprisingly fail in both respects. Sword Art Online’s characters already were little more than cardboard cutout quality from the start, and thus, the addition of ears with added length, alongside scantily clothing, certainly doesn’t achieve anything of value – a pile of waste remains such even if one were to toss more waste upon it.

With that said, there’s another exemplary instance of poor subject matter in how the busty yellow haired tramp found at the bottom of the images below is identical to the series’ self-prostituting leading female – minus a few miniature changes which A-1 Pictures hoped would ensure none would notice.

The brunette isn’t exempt from ridicule for her hideous appearance either – taking a look at the up-close seifuku illustration set, it looks as if her stomach is swelling, and her intestines are about to explode outward. As result of that abnormal rectangular protrusion, this is undeniably the most horrible attempt at portraying breasts ever – and as if not shameful enough, this girl is made even more so unattractive by her thick eyebrows, not to mention, a complete absence of any visually rewarding traits.

In respect to implication, its already been long established that this series is dreadful – and the characters are all more disgusting than any insect could ever be.

All in all, great to see everything has successfully managed to downgrade from the first season.


  • maqui says:

    Damn! What are they doing to this series?

    • Seven says:

      No reason to be surprised, it was already awful from the start.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m glad to see people who feel the same. All my friends are obsessed with this series for reasons I can’t comprehend other than the fact that they are all MMORPG players themselves.

        • Seven says:

          Real MMORPG players should hate this series because it does nothing to properly depict one.

          • Anonymous says:

            Just read the books. The anime not worth it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sadly the majority are immature teenagers who doesn’t care about anything else (like THE STORY?) except for fan-service(including it being a anime using the elements of gaming, it’s just a stupid bait for retarded gamers…). I bet they don’t even realize that this game is already broken (10 minutes respawn anyone?).

            I’m a teenager, and i know it lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Sword Art Online is an awful anime….i can’t understand why it’s so popular

      • Anonymous says:

        Just wondering why your posting when your so against the show. I play games yes but I’m not a hard core gamer and I am a girl too. I read the novel after I found out the anime was based upon one. It was well written and the anime portrayed it well. If you hate it so much why do you just hate on it? It’s not like you can talk, unless you single handedly created a story line that people can hate on then be my guest I think maybe you should consider all sides. I’m just an anime fan and I don’t like RPGs and I don’t even have a Facebook so it was way out there I only watched on recommendation. I liked it, flaws and all. But that’s my opinion. If you don’t like it keep it to yourself, the creator of SAO deserves to be proud of his work

    • Anonymous says:

      i know right the people are messed up

    • Anonymous says:

      Wew!..don’t say such things….you don’t know how to be happy in a virtual life, i can say that if i had a chance to be in virtual world i will choose to stay there rather than on this real world…even it is a dream i still believe that’s why i like this anime so much….i like the storyline…

    • Anonymous says:

      i know

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s it, I’m done.

  • idiotstrike says:

    “and the characters are all more disgusting than any insect could ever be.”

    Am I the only one who found this extremely funny, then shed a tear because it’s true at the same moment?

  • Anonymous says:

    So you pretty much only added 15% of the art work for second cour.

    Personally I find these avatars much better than the SAO ones.

    And incase someone doesn’t know, there are 8 fairy race’s in next cour, each with different specification, and look, everyone of the race’s is based on fairy mythology.

    • Seven says:

      “And incase someone doesn’t know, there are 8 fairy race’s in next cour, each with different specification, and look, everyone of the race’s is based on fairy mythology.”

      It’s not so much does anyone know, rather, do they care – when it comes to Sword Art Online, likely not.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yet, my post was not to argue about does someone care, it was to inform those who like to know about things like that, even if the show is bad.

        • Seven says:

          Yet, my post was not to argue whether you’re arguing about if someone does care, I’m merely making an additional statement.

          And to make another additional statement, they do certainly look fairy-like – despite that not serving to redeem in any way.

  • Anonymous says:

    why didn’t I give up on this series???

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably you had different expectations like many others here

    • Anonymous says:

      Because Klein was the ONLY character you cared about in this series, and you kept on watching, hoping that he wouldn’t die.

      I have a sinking feeling that we’ll never see him again in s2. He was a good guy.

      • Seven says:

        I’m shocked that people have been commenting on Sword Art Online who either like it, or don’t explicitly hate it, without ragging on someone else’s view of it – I commend you sirs, recent anonymous commenters.

        • Anonymous says:

          Now I’m tempted to create an account so I join in on the SAO discussion posts, or remain as a friendly anonymous commenter who doesn’t complain about someone’s opinion on a show. (I could mention Klein in my first comment since he’s pretty much THE ONLY character I care about in this series.)

          As someone who has never read the light novel and sees SAO as a neutral ‘fine/so-so/sort of entertaining’ anime, it’s actually interesting reading both positive and negative views per episode. Of course, sometimes it’s hard for me to agree with some of the positive posts since writers of said posts have read the light novel and thus show bias towards the series. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading your comments that backed up your opinion whenever someone tried to defend an episode.

          • Seven says:

            I certainly welcome you to create an account – although the anonymous commenting is, of course, present for those who wish to remain anonymous.

            On another note, it seems like most people who try to defend an episode through an actual explanation, in place of the usual “SAO doesn’t suck, u suck, fuck u” I often get, they do so based around the light novel, which is just plain incorrect despite their efforts.

            This fellow really sums up Sword Art Online’s animation properly, realistically, and he does so as someone who read the light novel:

            • sakugasaga says:

              Huzzah, now I have an account! Although I’ll probably pop in a few times since I only follow 1-2 series per season. (F/Z still occupies my time).

              It’s good that there’s at least someone who manages to bring up valid evidence that supports a flaw in a series while being a fan of the series. In other words, they accept that there are flaws.

              On the topic of animation, I agree with that fellow’s post and your opinion about the lack of choreography. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been spoiled by F/Z’s beautiful battle scenes or by watching various sakuga videos, but I have to say that ep. 14′s battles were lackluster, even though there was a slight animation hike in that duel.

              • Seven says:

                Nice to see you signup.

                I don’t know your viewing habits but, if you want something epic in the making, Zetsuen no Tempest <-

                Also, forgive me but i had to strip your link – we’re very strict against advertising other sites, be it inadvertent, or purposeful.

              • sakugasaga says:

                Sorry about the link, didn’t know about that.

                Zetsuen no Tempest? I’ll check that out via the first 3 episode guideline and see.

              • Seven says:

                No worries about that, it’s expected to happen occasionally.

                Also, it’d be nice if you left some feedback on Zetsuen if you watch it – I’m interesting in what you think.

            • avatar flamestrike says:

              I think the reason may people enjoy SAO despite it’s flaws is pretty simple. They’re drawn in by the wish fulfillment shonen aspect of the show. Rather than looking at Kirito’s genericness and lack of solid character development, they identify with his leet gaming skills. They see a bit of themselves in Kirito and think about how cool he is. He’s like a bro to them and they enjoy watching him succeed, finding the prefect girlfriend, etc. I’m sure there are many people out there unsatisfied with their real world situation. To them Kirito is probably living out their dreams. The overload of moe only helps to compound on this. While an unaffected viewer might just go “meh” the average fan will go “OMFG CHARACTER XX SO MOE!!! and subsequently become unable to notice things like rushed plot or contrived situations.

              SAO the LN was an entertaining piece of work, but it is ultimately a shonen wish fullfilment story that young men get absorbed in and just ride along for the quick adrenaline rush. This rush blows them along fast enough so they don’t stop to have enough time to see the flaws. SAO has succeeded pretty well in that regard.

              Of course I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this. If you enjoy something then all the better. It’s not like enjoying a work is hurting anyone else. I myself recognize the flaws and faults of SAO(LIGHTSWORDSTRIKE!!!) but still have fun getting swept up by the ride even if it ultimately lacks substance.

              • Seven says:

                Sounds very accurate – well said. That’s a logical explanation and fits with my observations.

      • richfeet says:

        Wow, that’s exactly why I slogged on with this show. Nice guess.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seriously, what is there to NOT like about him? From where I am, I don’t see any negative qualities about him. After the first episode, I was actually scared that he would die in the next few episodes. It was a great relief seeing that he was still alive in ep. 3 and onwards.

          I admit that after ep1-3, I only watched the episodes that he was in.

  • Seven, you really should watch Ixion Saga.
    It’s sword art online done right.
    Even the /a/ssholes liked it, and they NEVER like anything.

  • erikfm says:

    “People keep saying our animation is boring and generic…so we decided to show them just how original we can be! We entirely changed the character designs with this. BEHOLD…

    ELF EARS.”

    • Hawkward says:

      You stole the words right outta ma.
      “We have bad character design you say? Faces too blocky and generic?”
      *ditches the original SAO* – *created a new SAO world with more nakedness and ELF EARS!*


      Never before, have I seen elf/fairy ears in such a disgusting, looked down upon manner manner. Elves are respectable creatures and fairies gained my respect tenfold in Jintai. SAO just shits all over that :|

    • Anonymous says:

      This oddly seems like what Dr. Weird would say:


  • trandaihung says:

    Holyshit. The only reason I watch this series is Suguha (the black hair girl), and they’ve planned to dump her with that shitty art ?

    Good Job A1. Your work is now beyond Godlike. I have to concur.

    • avatar flamestrike says:

      Hahaha, you know I was about to make a post suggesting that maybe Seven was being too harsh on the art, that although it was generically mediocre, it wasn’t THAT bad. But then I scrolled down and saw………… Suguhalien. Ohmygod WHAT IS THAT THING STICKING OUT OF HER STOMACH?! I literally face palm on the spot and all thoughts of defending this series immediately evaporated. I was left wondering WTF I was thinking in the first place. It’s so hideous I don’t even… I mean a flawed frame in a string of animation is one thing. Those can be funny and only last .1 seconds anyways, but to screw up on STILLS? I though still shots were supposed to be A-1′s specialty?

    • trandaihung says:

      I know how it feel bro. It was already far beyond from what human can handle. I used to support this series until “shit just got real”. Seems like we need third party facepalm.

      What a shame. I’ve just recommended my friend to watch the 2nd season because he likes Suguha too. WTF should I talk to him now !?

      • triton6783 says:

        I recommended this show to a bunch of people who never listen to me when the first episode came out, and they actually bothered watching something I recommended to them, and know I wish I had recommended Kokoro Connect or Binbougami ga instead.

  • triton6783 says:

    As much as I hate SAO and the new character designs, I do think that the blonde looks semi-decent, at least compared to all of the other garbage that they released.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s hilarious how some people don’t realize how shitty this series is.

  • Anonymous says:


    I don’t think new characters design are bad at all. It’s more like you just don’t like them personally. (and that doesn’t mean they’re bad). Well, different person – different idea. I don’t mind that.

    By the way, that black hair girl (Suguha)’s breasts are drawn base on true logic. If a girl has big breasts and wear a loose cloth, she will look like that. (In most show, girls with big breasts usually wear tighter cloth to show off their breasts)

    • Seven says:

      First of all, you don’t have to post your comment several times – FYI, it says “Your comment will appear shortly.”, so be patient please.

      Secondly, I appreciate your efforts in replying – but you are incorrect:

      “I don’t think new characters design are bad at all. It’s more like you just don’t like them personally. (and that doesn’t mean they’re bad)”

      They are bad – but I certainly don’t like them either, you’re right about that. It has already been explained why they’re poor as result of lacking creativity, and sub-par efforts.

      Secondly, a rectangular obtrusion from the chest is not “true logic” – there’s an absence of collarbone, the bust is too low, the whole shoulder area is flat and lacking of necessary value for depth, and the blouse looks as if it is puffed with air as result of poorly implemented shadow, or rather, a total lack thereof.

      Your ignorance of aesthetic standards is of no fault but your own.

  • Anonymous says:

    On the bright side, at least the anime is better than the awful manga.

  • Anonymous says:

    i was in google an see the post (ty for the information of the s2 :D)
    i like the anime and i dont care what you think of it but buuut i dont get it IF YOU DONT LIKE IT why post it? are you sick or something i mean i dont like yaoi or yuri animes but i m not going saying is crap or is bad just because i dont like it i mean i dont like it so i dont even speak about that is ok if you dislike the serie but if you dont like why are you even taking the time to write that … i really dont get it is so pointless and is like you are obsessed …
    o well is your life after all i really dont care about that i just want to express that is really a mystery to me your actions a just in case isnt like you are wrong is ok to write what you want i mean you are free i just how i already wrote dont understand your actions thats all xD
    o and dont bother answering to my post just like this post dont change your opinion regardless what you scribes i will always be me and to tell the truth i will no enter this page again because yours and my opinios are alot diferent so i will avoid enter here again well that all is just my opinion sorry if it offended you or another person cya i hope we never cross path again ;3
    PD: sorry for my gramar i dont speak nor write english i just know the basics X3
    att: Malen :D (isnt my name just in case using real names online is dangerous dont do that good kids :D)

    • Seven says:

      “regardless what you scribes i will always be me and to tell the truth”

      So you’re saying everyone else is wrong, and only you the speak the ultimate truth?

    • gargamesh says:

      another one trying to defend this show without knowing what he is talking about

    • sakugasaga says:

      For someone only knows the basic of English, you seem to display a knowledge of big words like “opinion, obsessed, pointless” while using IM words that someone with a basic knowledge of English wouldn’t know, AND showing everyone your +2 rank skill of a rabid teenage fan. I’ll give you an E for effort.

  • Anonymous says:

    You all know that this was a light novel first and these are the original character designs from that, right? And the original story. They’re just basing it on the original source.

  • Anonymous says:

    pls lets try to lessen the harshness of our criticisms… artwise indeed it may have been worse than the 1st season… its like ur playing Fiesta online then it turned out Grandfantasia for its part 2… artwise…

    and for those who hates the story? maybe ur just not cut out for an MMORPG VR genre… indeed they should have atleast tried to create a good storyline inside the game… but due to their own circumstances, for survival, the game turned out to be a grindfest type of MMORPG… it lost a big part of the wanted feeling for experiencing VR… and thats living a life completely diff in real life which could only be possible in ur dreams, oh well Virtual Reality… but u cant blame them…

    think about a situation where if u lose ur job, then ur blacklisted on all companies… what would u do for ur family? you might just spend ur everyday working harder and harder for ur current company in order to not get fired… some happen in real life that they even neglect their own family… its just a comparison as to when ur in the game and if u die then ur dead for real… like if u lose ur job in real life and ur family suffers the most… thats like dying… so u do the same… in the story they focused on getting stronger alone and clearing the game…

    I bet in SAO the only ones who actually got to enjoy the VR fantasy are those who actually gave up on clearing the game… after all they did try to live in it…

    well personally as an avid gamer myself, well dont call me no-life, i liked the game for a simple reason… i like how kirito soloed the game when if u died in game, u die in real life… and how far he made on his own… soloing it and being one of the top levels in game… cmon thats totally epic for us gamers… tho i’ve seen a few ppl like that in different games… but u see those players have one thing in common… either they are hackers or uber $$ spammers… yes either they are rich kids who waste their parents money or accomplished adult gamers who uses their own hard earned income for their hobbies and of course the usual hackers who cant play fair…

    well im just a gamer trying to relate it on actual gaming experience… i like SAO and thats a period… but who can blame me? its in my taste… and if u hate it… who can blame u??

    but atleast try to compare? with other anime with the same genre? i mean that would help right? make the discussion a bit more exciting and livelier.. and peaceful?? comparing it with everyone’s likes and dislikes?

    well i just said what i think about it… comparing it with actual gaming experience… not caring about the art… but the plot and what i like… if u dont like my comment… apologies on wasting ur time reading this long post hehe~

    its my 1st post here… peace ppl…

    • gargamesh says:

      “ts just a comparison as to when ur in the game and if u die then ur dead for real… like if u lose ur job in real life and ur family suffers the most… thats like dying… so u do the same… in the story they focused on getting stronger alone and clearing the game…”

      except none of the MC’s in the show seemed to care about getting out, rather, lollygagged in the game neither caring that they have families or the fact that they have real lives to attend to, school and whatnot, also, what seems to be the un-MMO like trait is not the showing of grinding of levels, it’s the fights which only seem to favor the MC’s, rather even if they don’t grind unlike those in the frontlines, they turn out to be stronger, also a strategic fight using surroundings, weak spots, information, like those you’ll actually see in an MMO can’t be that bad to show , instead of the usual, “they’re the MC’s, they’re strong, run”

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel like crying, they ruined a great anime..words cannot describe how much i was looking forward to an awesome brand new style of anime only to have my dreams shattered by hasty episodes and “throw up in a bucket” romance.

    There are plenty of romance animes to watch and i have watched many of them but this time i was really looking for action packed, REAL MMO teamwork, skills…u know that MMO feeling? not a romantic comedy in a MMO universe…why did they ruin it…WHY!?

    • gargamesh says:

      i get what you’re saying, the anime did in no way show how cool it is in an MMO, rather it focused on the cliche romance of the two generic characters, didn’t even feel like an MMO at all,the main character, overpowered, no real skills involved, just ” i have new skill , i beat you”, or the usual, he is the main character so he is an exception, instead of showing strategic fights akin to an MMO

      • Anonymous says:

        (im the first poster)
        Yeh i agree with you on that…i just keep watching and i pray they will get away from the whole romantic harem bullcrap. i really wana enjoy a MMO style anime but from the looks of what i saw image wise from season 2, it looks much worse.

    • triton6783 says:

      I agree. With this concept, it could have been a really great anime, but they didn’t even bother focusing on what really matterd, good quality story and animation.

  • Anonymous says:

    I haven’t read anything related to SAO prior to watching the anime, but in my opinion… they should’ve ended it when the first arc ended.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m glad that I didnt watch any episodes from this anime…to the news now ive gotten…i didnt watch it for one reason…i thought it was generic so after reading 15 pages of the manga…i dropped it…*sigh* wtf is wrong with modern anime now…

  • Anonymous says:

    Anon~ Personally for me, I don’t see why the visuals are so damned important. I come for the story, and for the characters. I feel as though you have not even given the plot, nor the characters a chance because you are so hyper-obsessed about the visuals.

    • Seven says:

      I feel as though you haven’t realized the plot and characters are terrible also.

      I feel as though you also haven’t read the many extensive articles explaining “why the visuals are so damned important”.

      And on an unrelated side-note, I can assure you, you are lying to yourself:
      “I come for the story, and for the characters”.

  • Anonymous says:

    well, some people dont like it and some do. thats the balance of the anime world. you hate it or love it, as simple as that. well having own opinions is human nature anyway :) to be honest i kinda liked this odd anime. even if it didnt make sense at the last few episodes. the first episodes was pretty good in MY opinion. i havent read the light novels but i can guess they are good? am i wrong? well anyway, lets hope Gun Gale will have a big turn of events of how an MMO is supposed to be like :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn’t bother to read all the comments but i enjoyed sword art online and learned about it through a friend. I have already told a few of my friends about it. I read that two games were left out gun gale online and underworld. I’m hopeing they make anime’s for both of those games as well.

  • dutchess says:

    Hi just wanted to put my little 2 cents in :3 I ended up watching SAO due to friends pestering me of how good an anime it was, to be honest I did enjoy the start of the anime a bit but near the end of season 1 is when it really started losing it for me. Now I will look past an anime’s graphics, looks, ect for good story, plot, and characters but lets admit it this anime had none of that…I still watched it though, It was like a train wreck you couldn’t move your eyes from because you just wanted to see how terrible it was going to be. Season 2 was just the icing on the cake, I literally face palmed when I saw they were in yet another MMO, it got super repetitive and boring. I can see why people like this anime though and I have nothing against the people that do but this was just terrible to me….

    • Anonymous says:

      well for my case I thought the first few actually sucked i mean crying over something so stupid and the kinda looked gay (kirito and red haired dude) the story’s progression suck since things happen way too fast they don’t even make sense anymore. but over all I think it’s a good anime

  • fuhrikazan says:

    which is better SAO/Da Capo IF?

  • Anonymous says:

    WIRE THE SEASON 2 ?? :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I think what angered me the most about SAO is that the author it had the potential to explore many introduced areas within the world itself like leveling up and experience points and a general game based scenario that could have been developed nicely, and yet he chooses to pick the dullest one,

    A cliched romance.

    On top of that, a harem that goes nowhere, pointless characters that contribute nothing to the main story, villians that are trumped easy with our always on top main character Kirito and his hype girl Asuna Sandwich-kun.

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