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“Sword Art Online” Goes Fully Nude

Sep 27, 2012 @ 7:39 CDT

Volume 29 of Dengeki G’s Festival apparently will feature Sword Art Online – bringing the sight of the series’ heroine in a state of bare nudity, capitalizing on its marketing prowess as the anime continues to decline.

When the animation began to swerve out of control and break down, which was near-immediately after it debuted, Sword Art Online decided to go the “Accel World Way” of self-derogatory marketing material that can still steal an audience of low standards. Yet it seems Sword Art Online couldn’t even achieve much in that respect, thus it was left with little choice but to resort to stripping the heroine in full – a risk under the hopes that anyone out there may have a fetish for unrefined rubbish.


  • Downhill…going…going…and…

  • Anonymous says:

    What the hell?

    Sword Ass Online

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha shit art online? Is it really that bad? I only watched the first episode so I wouldn’t know.

    • alan says:

      well dont let what everyone says about it affect you, just go head and watch it your self then decide if is worth it or not. I personally like it so does Alex as you always see him arguing with other people, specially Seven and Gargamesh.

      • Seven says:

        He doesn’t argue, he just retorts with poorly written ridiculous statements that are so hilarious, they eventually become local memes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well you have to at least give them props for following the light novel.
    Everything you’ve seen in this anime happens in the light novel.

    You guys do understand that everything was taken from the light novel right?
    Every “filler” episode was also part of the light novels (albeit gaiden form)
    After this episode the first half of the season will reach it’s climax and they will probably go on to gungrave(?) online soon, if at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    People like SAO because they feel, albeit wrongly, that something like that could really happen. They dwell in the dream that it could be THEM stuck in a game, simultaneously fighting monsters and meeting babes, trapped for years in this fantastical world. Like a fire burning down your school before the big test, it’s a highly unlikely, horrible event that people would gladly wish for in order to escape the reality that presses ever onward.

    People are weak, irresponsible, and stupid. SAO is all of that incarnate.

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn’t hate the first season but it has been going down hill since ep9.That was REALLY weird.No i’m not the other anomynous person. I shall leave a / at the end of what i write/

  • Anonymous says:

    Do any of you know that there is another nude picture of Asuna/

  • Anonymous says:

    well, yeah it is a craphole but people still watch it anyway…/

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