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Cute Anime Girls With Sexy Stockings

Sep 24, 2012 @ 3:31 CDT

If all else were to go astray, one could always depend on the ever-satisfying fetish of stockings – this collective of artistry features flavorful females of the second dimension, fitted in thigh-reaching footwear.

Above, the illustration isn’t revolutionary by any means – although it is certainly packing enough to qualify as being called “irresistible”, it’s definitely enticing, and difficult to turn away from as well. Her stockings are a pure and innocent white – with delicate and direct shadows. The predominance of her stockings are darker, whilst the upper strip is met with a merge into the natural light of the sun – a very fine outline still being present to prevent a messy look, and perhaps also, indicating the wrapping depth of the cloth.

Her legs have a delectable curvature which leads the eyes – starting from the feet, one is taken to the point where the stockings meet the boundary of delicious thigh. The line weigh becomes thicker, doing well to add volume to her tasteful appendages – note how the line gets darker and thicker moving downward, and alongside the bottom portion of her leg, bringing out her definition in a manner most exquisite.

Now despite this artwork not being a transcendence, one actually has to question if that is in fact misjudging it early – there’s a detail of this illustration which aside from being masterful in itself, is rarely seen even though it should be much more common. One can notice that going from the bishoujo’s knee to her waist, there’s a lot of very slight and fluent waves and dips – and this is accurate to reality, a tantalizing female leg as it should be.

One should note the value around the thigh – which as with the stocking, gives flesh to an otherwise flat surface.

And with that, one arrives at the incredibly slight exposé of pantsu – a color white matching of the stockings, and contributing towards a harmonic feeling throughout the image.

Skipping up to the chest region, one can see an instance of white once more – a marvelous implementation of the neutral tone across three forms on the canvas, effectively accenting them all concurrently. And of course, these are all key areas – true assets of her feminine physique.

Setting aside how this all works globally on the canvas, do also see how the silken white of her blouse fluctuates ever gradually around her form – turning more defined as it approaches points with greater weight acting on them, gorgeously defining the bust through proportions perfected, a size rather ideal and all too rewarding to indulge in. Her upper body is truly fantastic in size and canvas arrangement – yet it still further gets more delightful in how there’s a few stripes of the navy blue from her overlaying uniform component.

The contrast does well to even more so to steal attention with little effort required – whilst additionally serving to enhance the consistency of the art piece, as with the recurring white.

Sitting in the center of her bust, a bow of lighter blue – which does well to even further reap interest upon her all inclusive upper body, and it does this whilst secondly complementing the orange ribbon in her hair.

Past the ensemble portion, skin tone is met once more in the visage and arms – a particular point in which this illustration excels is consistency, and such is seen here all too well. In fact, the mat of a darker red which she sits atop works with the slightly more tinted instance of red composing her hair to balance the image across the respective top and bottom ends. The extensive color balancing paired with such gorgeously precise line work, makes this girl a masterpiece.

And as if that’s not enough, it’s not difficult to notice the flooding greens in the background which serve to complement the bishoujo’s portions of red – causing her to flourish off the canvas.

It’s an illustration of powerful temptation through elegance.

Now imagine if the stockings were absent – the skin tone would be too overpowering and unchecked, rather than specifically the waist, the eyes would instead attempt to segregate the whole lower body beneath the skirt as the central focal point. A disruption would immediately be felt as the illustration’s right section will have an overpowering white – her blouse.

One can see here that essentially, to take one integral sector out of the artwork will manage to make the entire piece collapse in terms of balance – excellently showing the interdependence and deep contemplation behind it all.

On the contrary, an aspect like the angling is a mere matter of preference – it’s impossible to miss that the whole composition has a tilt forward, even though this serves to determine other factors of the art piece, like mood.


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