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Sci-fi action thriller, “Date A Live“, has been confirmed upcoming for a while – yet finally, the year has been set as 2013, and key visuals have been brought out which promote the apparently bishoujo abundant roster.

Skimming through each of the illustration, above and below, there’s something of a prevalent irony the character design. Whilst all the females seem almost specifically themed after a certain archetype or trope of anime female character, such as the warrior bishoujo dressed in violet vestments, or the two seifuku sporting girls who look to each exhibit a separate flavor of personality, they still boast enough individualistic and distinguishing characteristics to be recognized and remembered.

A few however are of course more peculiar than others – the female fitted in red, seen above, is certainly not a sight one will easily forget. Her uneven twintails which lash around as if having a conscious of their own are one of the more instantly striking aspects of her person – the red headpiece becomes engraved in the mind as the sanguine hue beams against solid black, and as result, her patterned dress of an identical pair of colors starts to simply emanate.

The patterns of her ensemble lead the eye around at their whim – and subsequently, her heterochromic set of eyes seem to almost peer into the hypnotized onlooker through their combination of consistent and starkly contrasting pupils. Waving lines lead upward towards her enticing upper body and lovely visage, acting as the gentle curvature and fluff of her physique and outfit respectively – whilst effectively tantalizing the eye immensely.

If the series’ story and other factors, such as music and animation, prove as renowned as the character designs, then this is sure to be a fearsome contender in the coming seasons.

Giving the plot some overview, “Date A Live” surrounds a highschooler who catches sight of a vicious explosion and conveniently comes across an armor clad female thereafter. Jumping forward a bit, our protagonist’s attractive sister informs him that the girl he’s encountered is one of unusual circumstance, or more specifically, a “Special Disasterous Designated Creature: Spirit” – which as one can imply by the name, means she’s indeed capable of mass catastrophe and responsible for the incident.

Our protagonist’s sister goes on to reveal that she commands some kind of supernatural militia, and insists he go on a “date” with the spectral bishoujo he just met – implying that by getting her to love him, he will somehow magically save the world.

There’s much potential for ridicule – yet the premise sounds logical when it’s considered. If the anime manages to present a series of this synopsis and character selection to a reputable quality, this will be a truly enjoyable series.


  • Anonymous says:

    Despite its ridiculous premise, I seriously hope it’s going to be a enjoyably silly (in a good way) and intricate show, and I loved the visuals already. If the animation proves to be more than spectacular, I’ll surely be happy.

  • mizuiro88 says:

    Wow….can’t wait for this, read the LN n the manga as well….:D

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve read the manga, and I love Ringo’s art (escpecially from Black Rock Chan), but these character visuals are stunning in their own right.

      • Seven says:

        I concur – as mentioned in the article, it goes to show how a brilliant artist can take commonalities and turn them into something of their own.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    The chara design looks great. Especially the red hair girl and the loli ( she wears clothes that look like the same as in the tales of games)

  • Anonymous says:

    saving F/Z and others for doomsday a.k.a copyright alert system if it affects direct downloads.

  • gargamesh says:

    Always does well to see that another anime will have combined plot with moe, seeing a most animes feature fanservice as a spotlight w/o considering the story, but i hope this does not turn into one of those eventually.

  • kadena says:

    That Clock Eyed Twintail Loli Sadist… is so adorable.

  • ancer says:

    looking forward to this harem

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