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In its BD volume one, the ongoing final run of “Nogizaka Haruka” arrives uncensored – however, it seems outdated series are still tossed aside in this age where even the most horrible of harems manage to prosper.

A true relic of the past, “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu” is essentially the embodiment of banal romance harem comedy – and whilst such lowly creations usually still succeed in terms of achieving some sort of recognition, for better or worse, most will likely have not even known that “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Finale” is currently airing.

Now of course, such comes with a reason, and the first is likely quite evident – this series isn’t particularly grand in any way, neither in terms of story, nor visuals, nor any other metric of quality or enjoyment. Even lacking those characteristics however, as many series do, one would have thought that perhaps Nogizaka Haruka may still have a chance – although it doesn’t, and the reason is that it’s simply bested by the slosh of other harem series which pack totally unhindered female upper bodies into their episodes as if such were a plot development.

In comparison, Nogizaka Haruka has some modest oppai fondling and barbie doll breast exposure on Blu-ray – with completely ridiculous laser beam censorship in the televised airing.

It’s truly not difficult to see why this series is failing – and with that said, it’d actually be most favorable if other similar generic harems met their end in a manner likewise and immediately.

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  • lucarion says:

    First to seasons were great for me…but for some reason I didn’t really warm up to this new season…probably because the plot questions here should have already been answered and done with with the developments of the last season.

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