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Kokoro Connect’s upcoming visual novel for PSP is further looking quite spectacular as seen within this second PV – showing off elaborate mechanics for a mere visual novel, alongside eye-catching new characters.

As is ever-necessary, the video below initiates with a quick spotlight upon all the main characters – and while most of us are sure to already be quite familiar with the wonderful cast indeed, it’s still striking how the visuals are certainly sharp, and the voice acting is a marvel of the skill. Of course, one should also give recognition towards the few newcomers added into this elaborate slice of life – Taichi’s moe imouto, as well as a handful of classmates, each rather fine in their own right.

Onto the actual gameplay, it’s fascinating how intricate the visual novel plays out in terms of delivery and engagement – a variety of viewing options are present to accommodate the aspect of body swapping, and on top of that, there comes the “Dynamic Drama Transition”, which through dynamic movement, makes the typically still scenes of a visual novel feel lively and active as they transition. And as a final touch, the characters display a mixture of delicate or slight movements within each frame – maximizing the essence of vitality the game manages to resonate.

Now on some notes less technical, the story is likely to be unprecedented if the anime is any indication. The later half of the preview clip provides an overview of a few prominent scenes in-game – and despite hardly being precisely reminiscent of events seen in the animation, one will still see that the game contains a multitude of the cute and comical facets which define it. Yet likewise, the sight of a certain someone laying in the road also makes it clear that the visual novel will be rather dark as well.

October 18th will be the launch date of this sure to be thrilling visual novel – and Kokoro Connect is seemingly not a wonderful anime, but a series simply that grand in general.


  • Anonymous says:

    Another good VN that I won’t be able to play.

    • liamash3 says:

      I feel for ya, pal. Sounds like this’d be awesome…if only I could understand it. I really need to learn Japanese someday…

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop killing Inaban and Iori T_T

  • liberator says:

    It appears to me that truly great series tends not to have much fanfare, and Kororo Connect provides another evidence to support this theory.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, the game’s plot takes place after the first arc (body swapping). Apparently, this time they gain the ability to randomly tell the future…

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