An elemental workshop.

A film of that anime with a name too long to remember, thus dubbed merely “Anohana“, has been confirmed to be debuting in 2013 – fantastic news for the many fans of ghostly lolis and teary-eyed stories.

There’s no other particular specifics available about this film – although it should be mentioned that the anime series is certainly a fantastic one which follows a supernatural incident in which a group of several individuals come to terms with themselves, as well as one another. The anime managed to become an instant hit upon it’s airing – and also was renowned for leaving many in quite a snotty nosed state from the abundance of water works.


  • skylion says:

    That was Manly Snot, Seven. Manly!

  • blaziken says:

    It’s a retelling of the story in Menma’s POV. Basically just another one of those compilation movie (albeit in a slightly different way).
    Prepare for more sobfest and waterworks.

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, I’ve watched this show several times; I know what is coming every moment, and yet…..snot….it’s always with the snot….

      • Anonymous says:

        Howabout instead of focusing on all the snot, we think about the tears, because sounds far less disgusting than snot.

        • skylion says:

          In the context of this animation, you cannot have tears without the thing you want me to focus less on. I’ve shed many a tear in many a television show, film and/or musical, but this is the first thing I’ve ever watched (short of watching Colm Wilkinson live singing his heart out in Les Mis…especially Bring Him Home, and that was 20 years ago) that has broken the damn that blocks the sinus cavity. Which is my like my snot singing praises for AnoHana that it competes hardcore with a still strong running musical that is another sobfest.

  • Seven says:

    If anyone’s interested, giganormous image:

    Via SeventhStyle.

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