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An early look at Sword Art Online’s fourth episode seems more so a preview of the loli fanfare to anticipate as these pre-release images contain all manner of moe expression and conveniently cute camera angle.

Going off the images, it appears that, of course, another adventure starts up in Sword Art Online – this one giving some highlight to a loli who seems to be spitefully looked down upon by others who misjudge her capabilities as a flat chested character. In response, it looks that the loli decided to head off on her own – at which point the protagonist runs into her as she’s making moe faces of horror during an escapade which indeed turned out too intimidating for her fragile physique.

Once the hero encounters the adorable creature, she becomes a cheerful loli once more – presumably as he protagonist provides her assurance that loli characters can’t die.

Seeing as this loli is much more intricate in design than another female who proved expendable, the look-alike of Haruka from The iDOLM@STER seen last episode, and also considering that this loli is frequently spotted in promotional artworks, it likely means that she’ll have more so a substantial role – rather than the usual episodic introduction and passing which we’ve seen several times now.

Also, as was noted with the PV for this coming episode, it had no hint of tragedy near the conclusion – or in other words, this may perhaps be the first installment to close on a sentiment besides devastation. And as our protagonist is set to have a cute loli by his side, it’s indeed difficult to see how anything could be less than perfect. With a loli now part of the main character crew, the series has massively enhanced potential to ascend in success.


  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like a great episode.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know, right? We can’t have Lolis dying now, can we?

  • liamash3 says:

    I like the blue bird the loli seems to have as a pet :)
    Here’s hoping this episode will keep a character it introduces, instead of parting ways or killing it off :)

  • skylion says:

    The minstrels ate all the non-loli characters. And there was much rejoicing

  • liberator says:

    Only on a second look could I see a resemblance of Harurun in Sachi. Maybe she could have survive the last episode if she had equipped herself with a twin red ribbon headgear.

    • Seven says:

      Her chest is not flat enough – she had no chance of survival.

      • liberator says:

        The constant staring at her chest by the rest of her guild must have drain her to 1 HP, so its no wonder that Kirito felt responsibile for her death.

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