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No.1 Heroine Of Spring 2012

Jun 30, 2012 @ 8:50 CDT

A polling a bit more comprehensive than the norm was taken to determine the single “NO.1″ heroine of 2012′s spring season – and the results are essentially a list of Saki’s characters, with a few others mixed in.

The completely nopan fetish inclined ranking:

1.) Kuroyukihime (Accel World)

2.) Onjouji Toki (Saki episode of side A)
3.) Saki (Saki episode of side A)
4.) Ryuuka Shimizudani (Saki episode of side A)

5.) Kuro-chan (Saki episode of side A)
6.) Amae Koromo (Saki episode of side A)
7.) Kokaji Sukoya (Saki episode of side A)

8.) Hisa Takei (Saki episode of side A)
9.) Matsumi Yu (Saki episode of side A)
10.) Sera Eguchi (Saki episode of side A)

One could say that perhaps nopan has won over the masses and the mainstream has jumped onto that ship – although rather, a more likely scenario is that those obsessed with nopan have basically ruined any chance at a fair and legitimate result. To see a character like Senriyama’s Toki in second is understandable – it makes sense how her struggles to be victorious at mahjong, complete with a mental breakdown and visage of violation, could secure her enough popularity to sit at that place, although to then see Saki herself, the list loses all credibility there.

Saki hasn’t even a full 60 seconds of collective screen time within “episode of side A” – she’s not a main character either, nor even then is she someone worth admiring that much.

And subsequently going down the list, it’s entirely sullied in the same fashion – a slew of “episode of side A” characters irregardless of how much screen time they’ve had, actions they’ve performed, or contributions made to their respective series, and the answer to all three of those subjects happens to be “little to none”.

Now even with the obvious manipulation, Accel World’s unworthy butterfly character managed to get the first spot on the list – although the reason she’s there is likely no different than how Saki’s army of nopan females raid the chart, some Accel World addicts likely raged enough to get her to the top of the list, right where she doesn’t belong. And thus, all the while, the actual deserving females of spring 2012 are all settled somewhere at the endless bottom – Nyaruko, Saber, et al., they’re all somewhere in a dark receding void of abandonment.


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