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“Sword Art Online” RPG Action PV

Jun 24, 2012 @ 9:15 CDT

Having not much longer till release, a second PV of Sword Art Online has been shared to reignite the hype – starting with an aura of regime, and then turning to show some gradual depression, met with action.

Watching the video shows what is possibly the inception of “Sword Art Online”, the very introduction of the game into the fictional society of the series from an entity with authority – a sight not looking much beyond a dictator instating his own undesired rule upon the land. It seems that following Sword Art Online’s arrival to the populace, various tragedies would strike – this portion is significantly more interesting as our protagonist looks to be troubled in general, not simply in respect to Sword Art Online.

No matter, the video shows an individual being erased from the game – and it appears that perhaps this fellow was rather close with the protagonist, making the subsequent emotions and reactions on part of our leading male rather simple to figure.

Another intriguing aspect is something which the video doesn’t show – the heroine’s origins aren’t exposed. The male lead, Kirito, looks like some sort of regular punk kid who wanted to take a stand – yet to make a presumption regarding the heroine’s background, based on what the video displays of her, it looks as if she’s simply following in his footsteps, possibly out of romance.

And of course, last comes the scenes of battle – intense struggles against strange creatures, and what appears to be other odd entities alike. This is looking to likely be the most praiseworthy facet of Sword Art Online – as the fights, if the PV is any indication, are truly lit up with all sorts of thrilling supporting details. The camera angle seen during combat is head-on, showing us the power which is being thrust forward – and it’s not often one will see a contention with two characters right beside one another dashing at the enemy as the protagonist and heroine do here.

Less than a week remains till Sword Art Online arrives – and this video succeeds in kindling attention indeed.


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