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A set of character profiles for Kokoro Connect do well to single out the many funny features of each of the slice of life series’ characters – lovely designs indeed, although admittedly rather amusing ones as well.

Above is one of our heroines – her most notable trait being the mole on her face which somehow adds tremendously to her moe level. Before examining her full body design, an interesting detail exists within the visage line-up – notice how all four of her displayed facial expressions are upbeat, with the closest to diverging from such simply being a face of question. Given her apparent habitual cheer, she likely entered that face of curiosity from a smile – and so to that shall she return as well, her happiness is unmetered.

Now in respect to her overall physical design, there’s a facet actually noticeable with each of the characters – certain elements are shared by all, a cast-wide consistency in composition and appearance which is not-oft seen in any sort of works of entertainment in general. Not to mention, these features to begin with are somewhat unconventional.

Each of the characters are in seifuku – their uniforms aren’t any flashy colors, nor are any solid blacks used, the hues employed instead are all neutral tones reminiscent of traditional furniture. A few items found across several characters include the soft blue bow spotted on the heroine, as well as any other female, alongside the navy blue jacket which is on all save for the blonde, and finally, the brown shoes which everyone without exception is wearing.

While everything is superb about the character designs, a specifically spectacular aspect is the shadow applied to the ensemble of each character. See the heroine’s jacket and vest above, the direction, thickness, and intensity of the value makes it possible to truly sense how the jacket feels – for instance, one can gather the fact that it’s layered atop a fluffed stack of clothes, and this is also visible with the other characters.

With Silver Link working on this series, the artwork is proving resplendent as anticipated – now the desires remain burning to actually experience the full work in motion come June 24th.


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