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Kokoro Connect Ep 1 Pre-Release Images

Jun 16, 2012 @ 2:32 CDT

An arrangement of thumbnails have been released for first episode of highly awaited anime, Kokoro Connect – and it seems that the series won’t take particularly long before getting lively, and bodies start swapping.

There’s surprisingly a ton to see in these thumbnails – notice that across the board, there’s a wide assortment of emotions being exhibited, such as concern, shock, and a more stern facial expression, among others, each giving an idea of the characters. Yet moving from character specifics, to those of story, notice the image in the farmost bottom left – this is a series of body transferring, and with such a physical pose, hands extended as if assessing oneself, it looks that someone might have entered another’s body as early as this first episode.

Though of course, we’ll have to see for ourselves – Kokoro Connect will grant respite from the hype June 24th.

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