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Moretsu Pirates Modestly Improves On BD

Jun 13, 2012 @ 10:12 CST

Comparing Moretsu Pirates‘ Blu-ray to TV once more, now looking at the fourth volume, the alterations are yet again consistent across the board – strangely modest improvements for an oddly wholesome series.

This series is quite straightforward, and incidentally, the same can be said of its optical media – the corrections to be found are all certainly grand, yet they’re quite expected as well, and rather earnest. There isn’t any of the abstract extravagances one may see with Nisemonogatari – and there’s certainly nothing negative about this, it’s merely a mix of amusing, and praiseworthy. Moretsu Pirates is seemingly truest to the anticipated transition of TV to Blu-ray.

One will notice this both above, and all throughout below, the televised airing of Moretsu Pirates was visibly afflicted with some sort of blur and fade – perhaps a side-effect from streaming on television, though no matter the cause, the Blu-ray solves the issue superbly. The frames have been sharpened – going from fuzzy, to crisp, and the amount of detail this subsequently reveals is alone something to revel, yet one should also consider the color adjustments which come paired, as well as the impact this has on the series overall.

The colors become more intense with each frame edit of this kind – and that being said, more vivacious hues alongside greater distinguished illustrations definitely give an entirely rewritten experience when watching in place of the original, distorted and dull variant. And there remains other modifications to take into account as well, such as elements being replaced with others – or general touch-ups to characters and scenes.

Moretsu Pirates avoids getting overly grandiose with its Blu-ray revisions – and that’s for the series, that’s most fitting.

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