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Key visuals are available of summer season title, “Joshiraku“, a slice of life comedy by infamous studio JC Staff – and one in which, seemingly following a trend, is tough to scope for quality save for a single detail.

Examining the visuals, they’re certainly quite respectable – yet being straightforward in respect to specifics, they seem nearly jagged and roughly sketched, as if illustrated without much remorse towards a finer, more elegant mode of design. Yet one cannot penalize the series for this as such a feature is more so surrounding the style of series, rather than caliber of animation – thus, while the characters do appear bland, a much worse item to consider, and one which can actually be held against Joshiraku, is how indeed, the characters are.

This means that not merely have the characters been depicted on paper so poorly – yet the characters themselves are weak in overall composition. The main five girls look as if practically embodying the default generic anime female trope characters – each with visages so outright dull. And even the sixth character in the topmost right corner, wearing the mask, isn’t too outlandish at all if any have seen their fair share of comedy series.

However, the character designs of Joshiraku do have aspects worthy of praise – and these are incredibly simple facets which are impressive in Joshiraku’s case for the sole reason that literally nearly ever other series sticks to the prescribed format, something which Joshiraku visually speaks out against.

Although certainly not too fantastic with its other illustrative elements, there’s creativity, or at least as much as one expect from modern day’s standards, in that the girls are outfitted in kimonos over seifukus, and the color palettes utilized are fairly original – therfor, the artwork is fair.

The anime’s premise is too simple to say if splendid or awful just yet, girls conversing with humorous outcomes – it certainly sounds somewhat interesting, and one will have to wait and see. Yet that being the case, it means aside from the single item of information that JC Staff is involved with this series, there’s no reason to worry.

JC Staff is a bag of uncertainty – yet this series to debut the coming July may actually be a mildly wonderful, albeit not too amazing, escape into the second dimension if JC Staff succeeds.

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