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Third manga volume of imouto incest title “Imocho” certainly succeeds in doing several things, yet impress is not one of them – it’s merely an overdose of sexual innuendos delivered in average quality illustrative format.

From start to finish, this tome is packed worse than an overstuffed briefcase with suggestive sights – there’s no actual erotic events going on, yet the manga insists on delivering a formula of what one can assume is an attempt at comedy, turned inappropriate. This series seemingly tries to be funny – yet perhaps cognizant of the fact that it’s not whatsoever, the humor being so bland and recycled to the point that it’s simply grotesque, the manga turns to moments of emphasis on either females, or personal items regularly associated with them, such as cute pantsu.

The examples of this manga’s dreadfulness exist quite numerously – the protagonist so blatantly enjoys playing with imoutpan, and on the note of the male lead, it’s worth mentioning that he looks feminine. Yet continuing along, a scene comes of imouto finding herself between the legs of her non-blood related elder brother – the manga has no subtlety in anything it does, instead, it simply ensures that whatever it does do, it has it all lead up to a scene as this, something misleadingly lascivious.

One has to at least give “Imocho” credit for crossing its own boundary of excessively reused and misrepresented moments by including a scene of legitimate oppai fondling – yet tossing a third bag of garbage in a pile of two only makes a larger stack of it, nothing turns to gold.

Furthermore, an accumulation of trash will attract pests and parasites – decaying till it becomes worse, one can see this process exactly in the manga of Imocho, as by the end of it, the distorted bits start to show what is essentially implying the protagonist to be permeating the bounds of his sister, even though that’s not actually the case.

This series may in fact be rubbish personified as humans as it does recreate the lifecycle of it awfully well.


  • Sentum says:

    From what you have said it seems like manga Imocho is unoriginal. I believe so too, even though I didn’t read it.

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