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Fate/Zero Episode 23 Pre-Release Images

Jun 8, 2012 @ 6:03 CST

Pre-release images of Fate/Zero’s 23rd episode have become available, and the fashion in which it highlights the characters suggests quite a showdown as several seem to be standing under the same atmosphere.

Battles from here are inevitable, as are the opponents – it’s as if fate brought together certain adversaries to challenge one another, and it seems that Rider encounters Gilgamesh as one can insinuate from the similar aura, or lighting surrounding the two. Berserker seems as if off his in own realm – yet notice that it looks he’s preparing a weapon. Although perhaps most interestingly, Saber seems as if she’s simply away from it all – inside some interior absent of light save for that of the moon.


  • So the stage is set then….. My line up:
    1. Gilgamesh VS Rider
    2.Saber VS Berserker
    3.Kiritsugu VS Kirei
    Not exactly in that order….could also be that the fights take place simultaneously which would be pretty nice. One thing’s for sure…that we all are in for some nice quality animated action during the final 3 episodes

  • avatar subby says:

    These were so late on the Dengeki site I was afraid they’d put the episode off for a week.

    This is going to be one of those hallmark episodes of the series, the beginning of the end. I can only imagine how ufotable will pace this, along with the cutting and musical score.

  • Anonymous says:

    Get the tissues ready, cause it’s despair for everyone from this point on

  • Despair….and the stage setting for Stay Night :D

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