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Unlike its previous spectacle, this showing of Sankarea actually relates to the main story – giving quite an in-depth insight on how the “Sanka” family came to be as dysfunctional as it is, tragedy as expected.

Our forgettable lead male was kidnapped – now after excessive stalling, we see him as he sits prisoner within the Sanka manor. In one respect, it appears lavishing – yet in another, quite the contrary. Furuya isn’t amused however, and he merely repeatedly insists that the act taken against him is a criminal deed, abduction – yet even with his words expressing a correct assessment of the normally worrying scenario, he’s surprisingly rather calm.

In any case, he’s left in a bleak room which seems a cut and paste of the default mansion interior – sitting there, he’s not kept idle in thought for long, the wife of the Sanka household arrives to amuse him.

Her issues are rather apparent – she’s become a drunkard as result of a lack of attention from her supposed husband, and this has ultimately left her as quite a lowly creature. However, it has also ruffled her personality enough to make her useful for our purposes – she ends up sharing with Furuya essentially the entire history of how the Sanka family came to be the current mess it is.

Maids of the Sanka family were chosen depending on various extensive criteria they had to meet – thus, this essentially guaranteed them all to be rather high end females, and the Sanka wife was originally one of them. Each of the maids served as a candidate to take the position of wife of the successor to the Sanka family, meaning they were open to selection by the man who is now Sanka Rea’s creepy father. These maids surrounded him from a young age – a period when he still seemed quite a relatively average, yet distinctively individualistic person.

Even with such a vast harem of females to choose from however, he never took a liking to any of them – not in the romantic sense at least. The Sanka wife came late to the game, and she thought she would be successful – she confidently thought she’d be the one to steal the love interest of the Sanka man. And indeed, it appears that when she was less of age, she was an exceptionally stunning bishoujo – not to mention, she did treat the fellow well. Yet even to her, he did not fall into affection with.

Unsurprisingly, this led her to question if he even had an interest in women, just as the other maids who failed to captivate him had done as well – yet a day came in which he met a blossoming female during a jousting tournament. It seems this is a sport he has been fond of since childhood – and as one can expect, he was heavily involved in it, to the point that the jousting league was practically sponsored almost in whole by himself, something which unfortunately led to his competitor in the tournament letting him win.

Of course, no one appreciates a false victory as such – yet the importance of this arises as a girl approaches him. She gave him words of encouragement, and with this, he fell in an unadulterated love with her – she was stuck to a wheelchair, though clearly, he did not care. He was even willing to forfeit the “Sanka” name if that’s what it took to marry this female as it appeared none of his relatives were open to equality. Yet his determination won in his favor, and he had a single child with her – although that story ends there, she passed away with the birth of Sanka Rea.

The fellow became a tattered man, turning akin to a mummy in appearance – yet the mole faced bishoujo took care of him sincerely, and eventually, he recuperated and made her his second wife. This of course means she’s not Sanka Rea’s biological mother – and sorrowfully, she certainly felt the effects of this. Even though becoming married with this man, he dropped sight of her – instead, all his attention turned to Sanka Rea who he glorifies as if a remnant of the wife he loved, more so than an actual daughter.

With this fine story told, a few service scenes are delivered – and then for a finale, the episode displays a cliffhanger of disconcerting individual interacting with unsociable male protagonist. Whatever’s to come, it’s certainly not going to be against favor of the male lead – the next episode preview proves as much as one can see Furuya escaped from his chair of hostage.

Additionally, it’s also plain doubtful the Sanka father will manage much progression either – his background makes it clear that he’s not a naturally twisted person, he’s merely gone senile since the death of his wife, and there’s truly little that can be done with this which the series isn’t already doing aside from giving him a functional cognitive process once more.

And so, we’re left with two topics to ponder – will this man ever recover to a state of sanity? And what exactly will occur from here onward for Furuya and crew?


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