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“Sakurasou” Cute Seifuku Key Visual

Jun 7, 2012 @ 19:38 CST

Sakurasou No Pet na Kanojo has a sub-par synopsis, yet the art is astounding – and thus, this key visual of the heroine is a fantastic gift unto otaku, particularly in how it appears there’s nopan under her seifuku.

Earlier imagery of this series’ female faction seemed to imply a lack of underwear beneath the school uniform, a facet which has certainly been trending as of late – and this is yet another artwork which speaks more of the same, a delicate and sweet selection of words relayed by a voice heavenly and soft in demeanor. Pastel tones are prominent on this fine female – as is an overwhelmingly gentle sense of subtle emotion.

If this series can actually succeed story-wise, or at the very least manage something respectable in that facet, it may prove well above average thanks to superiority in the art department.


  • Seven says:

    Added second, better visual.

  • avatar subby says:

    This would probably be my favourite character visual of the year. I’m liking their seifuku colours as well.

    • Seven says:

      The character designs for this are indeed quite nice – though I’ve yet to become so admiring of any character artwork this year.

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