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Accel World is absent of any female fanfare abundance, yet the series appears to enjoy the sort when it comes to marketing – this recent magazine illustration shows the butterfly in quite an erotic position.

Her appearance here isn’t even questionable – it’s as blatant as any illicit desires could ask for. She lay with as exotic an arch as possible without becoming outright ridiculous and jello-like in flexibility – all the while, her entire frontal half is freely exposed save for a few white feathers covering her flat chest, as if there was anything to see there to begin with.

She boasts herself to a degree far from the usual perverse imagery – she’s not shown here in some typical convenient accident, or even a more commonly seen pose, rather, she’s showcasing herself in a manner which appears intended, and almost proud. A better way to state it, she appears more akin to a prostitute than a princess – incidentally, thereby giving quite a bit of meaning as to why her name is an adjective, a standard for any female staff of the gentleman’s club.

While her attempt to flaunt her nonexistent upper body is rather demeaning in itself, worse is how she positions her legs and lower body. Her portrayal is already inelegant, yet she further extends her legs in a generic tact of seduction – which, had she not been entirely bare, wouldn’t be too distasteful.

Her lack of proper dress is what truly makes this artwork, or rather, this female quite trashy – the artwork itself is well done, one can’t exactly complain about any elemental facet of aesthetics regarding this piece, it’s merely the subject matter isn’t very respectable as seen here.

And in fact, she’s not solely free of textile from the front either – her lower body from the rear is also unmissably made visible to an unclear extent. There was no apparent reason for this beyond the hope to entice poor souls unworthy of pity.

This image has no relevance to Accel World in its theme – indeed it’s a fairly well-sketched illustration, yet even such doesn’t hide the obvious, it’s merely a petty stunt of advertising. Within the series, this butterfly character is shown to be simply a girl with a relatively average personality, many cute facets, and a fair amount of jealousy – she’s shy and not particularly outgoing or exuberant. Absolutely none of those traits come out through this image – making it quite a bland artwork.

Her visage is also yet another feature of disappointment – it has a curious look, which one would first think does indeed fit her personality, however that’s before taking into account the fact that she’s spread in what is basically her “natural” state across an item of furniture. This does not piece together whatsoever – and that’s for the reason earlier mentioned.

The butterfly’s method of relaxing here is acceptable given her “butterfly” gig , the posture looks relaxed despite being suggestive, and the face matches her person well – the single issue is the needless intercession of skin, and that simply goes to show that it was implemented upon a whim. The reason for such racy extravagances here are more than likely to profitably lure in onlookers – had it not been for such a heavy influence of capitalist driven indecency, this would have been much finer an art piece.

At best, this is perhaps quite an excellent example of how currency can taint artwork – and not merely as physique is highlighted with a lack of attire, that can indeed be done more exceptionally, rather, it wasn’t particularly fitting in this specific scenario, doing little to speak of the butterfly’s mentality beyond a negative light.


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