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Hyouka – Mystery Of Moeblob & Imouto

Jun 3, 2012 @ 21:27 CDT

With the arrival of more moeblob, Hyouka’s situation improves – while this is yet again another seemingly irrelevant episodic incident, it’s at least actually one quite interesting and with partial meaning.

This series’ previous affair was, unfortunately, horrendous – not in that the atmosphere or any other facet of animation was lacking, rather, only the heroine’s intelligence seemed to be the detail somewhat missing. Nonetheless, this episode is fantastic – a miniature mystery of a simple lifestyle which is certainly a definite advancement from a dolt attempting to understand why decided to do something which they’ve done no more than a minute or two ago.

However, like the last episode, there’s not much of a main story contribution here beyond the already known – Oreki is developing an interest of the romantic sort in the moeblob, yet at least two new moeblobs are introduced, and this may perhaps lead to more.

It’s the typical beginning of an adventure for Hyouka, the moeblob gets an idea and then pounces all over Oreki – who rather than deny her, goes with whatever she wishes. This is essentially not any different than the relationship of any other anime male and female in many a series – yet Hyouka’s excuse of the protagonist being drab grey is relatively effective, and so the series tarries onward.

Oreki joins moeblob and friends for an escapade to an inn, where we then are acquainted with two lolis of family relation to the tsundere – and it appears from that point on, everything moves forward peacefully, yet with Oreki making various random observations. One can already sense the developing plot from Oreki’s essential foreshadowing – and then indeed, the true story starts once Oreki enters the onsen upon nightfall.

He passes out – later coming to his senses enough to clearly think as he’s returned to his room by his colorful neon buddy. Then, as everyone heads off to partake in ghost tales, Oreki can overhear them as he lay recuperating. The bakemonogatari itself isn’t anything particularly meaningful – rather, it’s that as result of the girls hearing this anecdote, they end up later proclaiming to have seen the spectral entity from the tale in the midst of the night.

Sherlock Holmes solves the conundrum without too much trouble – the episode expectedly loops round in a circle before getting anywhere significant, yet Oreki, as usual, derives a conclusion for this menial charade from some items of information tantamount in arbitrariness. The moeblob and tsundere both claimed to have seen a fellow hanging from the ceiling within a room outside their window – according to Oreki, this was no more than a summer kimono hanging to dry as result of some sibling conflict.

The imouto of the inn household wanted to try out her onee-chan’s yukata – yet the onee-chan is fairly intimidating in how she labels all her items with her name, thus the imouto was worried to even ask, being quite a coy character. Instead, she simply decided to covertly borrow her onee-chan’s fancy yukata for the night to enjoy the summer festival which was ongoing – yet, disaster struck for her in that it started to rain, soaking the apparel.

In need of a quick solution to restore the kimono to a state in which none will know it was touched – she set it out to dry, and that concludes the riddle of the imouto kimono thief.

Hearing the answer to the puzzle, the moeblob begins to shed tears of moe as she’s horrified to learn that an imouto can’t wear her onee-chan’s yukata without going to some extent of effort – being entirely contradictory to the perfect world of sibling interaction she has in mind. Luckily for her however, and literally only for her, she sees the two loli sisters cheerfully getting along – and suddenly, the moeblob bursts into triumphant satisfaction.

At this point, the moeblob has already done well to exhibit and establish her dullness of mind on her own – and thus, that’s not a subject worth much analysis. And in respect to the topic, theme, or moral of this episode – aside from the obvious and already long apparent, it’s difficult to distinguish if the central subject was intended to be something about siblings, or what specifically. The purpose of this episode is simply too ambiguous – unless it truly was nothing more than to showcase the early realized aspects of romance.

Not a very profound installment – yet inventive to some degree, and certainly respectable. More interesting however is whether this series will ever deliver a full-time plot – an episodic slice of life is fine, although it definitely gave the wrong impression upon its episode one start, and subsequent adventure into a storyline, in that case.

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