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The Science Of Sukumizu VS. Mizugi

Jun 2, 2012 @ 20:07 CDT

Taking predominance as one of the staples of otaku hobby is the mizugi – however, the subject splits into two separate and coexisting realms of which one is the regular flavor, and the other is the “sukumizu“.

One can read arbitrary history on Wikipedia, rather our interest lies in design – the school uniform, best referred to by its traditional name of “sukumizu”, somehow has an immense following. Yet in any case, that’s likely as it seemingly is the ideal candidate of revealing yet socially accepted skin emphasis for certain, if not all, female figures.

This is the case undoubtedly as result of simple ethics of style – the sukumizu’s primary goal isn’t to boast skin like a bikini, instead it holds it together tightly, and that is where the abusively inevitable nature of admiration comes to play. The sight is potent by itself – yet it can do more as well.

A Mizugi Of Many Flavors

A sukumizu wraps the skin, and this can entice in several ways – one of which being the same reason a plugsuit may tempt a select audience of individuals. Physique being outlined in textile only further seems to aide it in stealing attention as the different key areas are, in essence, highlighted. Under this respect of sukumizu acting on skin like a glove, it’s essentially the same effect as if one were to polish their vehicle – the basic look is revamped.

However, another respect to be found is the actual collage of shapes which ensues. Finely exemplified above, the imouto to the left hasn’t much a chest – yet the sukumizu accounts for that, and instead builds upon her lacking foundation for an appealing form. Her more promising areas become notable – and one could even say that potential is realized as it turns clear what she could be capable of, all the while, her current loli configuration is brought out.

Those however are more obvious and often heard reasons of sukumizu superiority – yet, the single top purpose in which the sukumizu excels is its comprehensive concentration on the entire body.

Imbalance Of A Bikini

If fitted in a bikini, a girl would be giving a more split balance of her body – and the constitution as a whole isn’t what takes visual curiosity in this case, rather, the areas covered by the bikini would instead as each of the two areas would be segmented by skin in between. Thus, one’s eyes would either first find themselves affixed on an upper or lower point – and then to move to the other would be an affair reminiscent to teleportation, the eye would, in most cases, merely jump before ultimately returning to other areas of skin.

Looking above, Sanka Rea to the right does have a finely curved abdomen, so this works well in her favor – however, the bikini itself does little for this stomach of hers, perhaps being one of the reasons why the artist decided on ribbons. Meanwhile, the sukumizu of little Mero-chan immediately brings her full offerings to the eye in one go as it is a single piece of attire – a singular shape of a greater form, the girl.

A way to describe the result is that it basically streams across the charm of the wearer – it carries one’s eyes all throughout Mero’s subtle build, and then this further acts in conjunction with the aforementioned.

The sukumizu’s method of exposé is a formula which entraps one through the sight of a complete frame, which in the case of the adorable blue haired Mero above is one rather slender – and then it proceeds to lure the eye around as it desires, up and down, as it controls quite a significant portion of female. The bikini hasn’t that capability – it can definitely pull in a gaze like a blackhole does physical matter, however similarly to that region of immense spacetime gravitation, it’s a gap. An abrupt facet in which there is no smooth route leading in or out.

Simplified as much as can be, it’s akin to a blotch of ink on a page.

Now of course, if the female in question has assets suitable, such would be ideal in her case – as that’s truly all she’d need. If the portrayal of her physique is segmented into visual regions, it’d matter little as she’s exceptional in all of those segments – however for someone like the little Mero, a flat chest, a collective effort of what her proportions can offer is necessary in order to achieve an overall appealing sight, and not one which simply looks in need of additional features to succeed.

Like with many things, this topic becomes on a basis of individual – certain females may fare better than others in X or Y, and of course, it also depends on that girl’s taste in fashion as well.

One should also recognize the unconventional – which aside from being the unstandard, is everything in between as well. For starters, surely one has seen, at least in second dimensional form, a busty female in a sukumizu – this is not the commonality, yet the end-result of such an abstract situation could prove particularly intriguing. And vice versa, a girl with not much in the upper body may still embark ambitiously in the article of clothing called a “bikini” – alternative factors such as ribbons and whatnot could make her flawless.

Many may forget this in the midst of distractions, yet fashion is an art – the effective usage of textile can maximize the appearance of the body, and one who masters this can certainly make themselves seem stunning in nearly any genre of ensemble, regardless of their physical makeup, by off-setting elements together till a balance is perfected. The contrary could be said of someone absent of fashion sense – a bulk of bodily insistence, minus any visible consideration, will show, and it’s quite unattractive, Queen’s Blade makes a fine example of this.

Part of the allure in fashion is the contemplation the wearer might have taken into what works with what – and with that, a girl trying something experimental, such as Chihaya, seen to the right below, sampling a mizugi despite her recognized flat chest, can be unparalleled in temptation.


  • Hawkward says:

    I think the decision of what’s best, rests down to the bust itself. Being a natural sukumizu enthusiast, I’ll be biased and say they rock, nothing can beat them and they win the pool competition hands down.

    But taking into respect what I said, to earn the right to garb the glorious navy blue fabric in the first place, one’s bust can be no larger than a C cup, any bigger then you can go get yourself a damn bikini, or remain naked.

    Anyway, it’s not just the colour, or shape of sukumizus that take my appeal, but the fabric itself, the material is produced in such a distinctive pattern, you can see more detail the closer you look. Think of it like a fingerprint, a very sexy, awe inducing fingerprint, the closer you look, the more of the finer details you see. However this is a detail more appreciable from real, 3D females wearing them.


    Though, I must merit mizugis to an extent. They have variety, and are more compatible with accessories, but I say back to basics… back to school swimsuits? :D

    Neato gallery as always as well, Seven, particularly loved 014 and 033

    • Seven says:

      The sad thing is when someone who should either get a bikini or remain naked gets a bikini, but it’s of the skimpy kind.

      Those stringy articles like the Haganai meat girl wears aren’t attractive whatsoever – and it doesn’t help it’s intended for someone with a chest far smaller than hers.

      • Hawkward says:

        Oh god… I know what you mean. What’s the point when they just look so disgusting. I love normal mizugis that for example, show a great view of underboob. But small ones, made to intentionally give you as little coverage as possible, are a real turn-off.

        Just as a reference point;
        (but typically a tiny bit smaller)

  • eliscrubs says:

    Uh…in that picture with Sena and Kobato, am I the only one who noticed something a little odd with Sena’s lower half?

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