An elemental workshop.

With assistance of a loli, Accel World escaped a fate of failure in the previous episode – now further with her help, the series continues to stream its rocket boosters at full power to trudge back to a zone of safety.

Accel World’s path was ambitious upon its start, pathetic upon its continuation, yet now recovering to a point ever slightly above drowning worthlessly at sea level. The introduction of a redheaded feisty loli character has seemingly salvaged the series – and that’s more in part to her crudely yet cutely glowing personality than anything else. Whether the pig of a protagonist likes it or not, he has to put a pause on his laziness and pursue action as result of this loli’s aggressive struggle to have her way.

And the loli’s desires apparently are not ones which can be satisfied so simply – complications leading to the pig needing to involve his companions, and this further is splendid in that it ultimately centralizes everyone’s interests.

Admittedly, the actual premise surrounding the occurrences taking place this episode, and those still to unfold, is quite silly – and in one respect, not very intriguing. Although that is a matter more dependent on personal taste rather than a flaw of the series. Not to say the story is impeccable, yet it’s recognizably functional – unlike its state of several episodes ago. And additionally, while the plot isn’t anything in particular – the series has however seemingly opened up more to comedy, and this has been serving as an effective device at audience engagement.

Being necessary for the story and obviously inevitable, the red loli and the butterfly eventually meet – and here is where Accel World manages to heal enough to be taken off life support, yet still remain in intensive care. Those two females, alongside the pig and the drug abuser, the latter seemingly having taken to an intellectual appearance since his lapsing ordeal, form a unified consortium – the pig’s home is utilized as a base of negotiations between the collective parties.

The place is one where they acquaint themselves with one another, all save for the uncivilized butterfly, and then proceed to listen to the red loli’s single main objective – arrival at this point takes quite an extensive push for order from the rehabilitated drug abuser as the females are both equally childish in nature, and the pig is simply a pig. He manages to direct the group enough for us to learn the red loli is out to eliminate one incompetent RPG player of her own legion who apparently “is possessed” by haunted augments of reality.

To accomplish this aspiration of hers, she proclaims to require the winged flight capabilities of the pig – as apparently, when he starts flying, the impossible becomes easily achievable. In order to strike with the necessary assault to eradicate her senile underling, she needs to be within a certain proximity of the fellow – and for this, she states to be in need of the pig. Conversation bustles a bit, but it is agreed upon – the pig will be lending his flight for an enemy within a massively multiplayer role-playing game.

From there onward, there’s little else of significance in the epsiode – it merely passes away the remaining minutes through several variable moments of moe and other easy eyecandy, alongside the cute comedy it can provide, before then concluding on a consideration of possibilities. The pig seeks to become level 10 – and his mind spirals around what his actions could mean for him.

Whatever he faces however, it could be cared little so long as there is more loli to be seen – and that’s of course assuming that the loli will continue driving this series the same way, if it becomes all gags, failure is destined.


  • liamash3 says:

    The loli’s VR device reminds me of headphones a bit…must be the circle shape.

  • skylion says:

    I typically go into a new show with few expectations (it’s not a bad way to go really). But, I did have more than that for this show. To bad. But at least the Tsusumi Principle stands with Accel World. I enjoy how incredibly complex our resident loli behaves. I dare say, she takes on Shinobu in terms of dangerous allure.

    • Seven says:

      All in all, a loli of many flavors is making this a fairly good show – not that failure is impossibru.

  • Redheads are nice.

  • Hawkward says:

    I had been thinking it for a while, but I believe it’s safe to say for definite now, Haru’s original intention to reach Level 10 will change. Being as he’s so kind natured, he’ll argue to himself, or others about how he won’t want to fight people that will lose all their points if he wins.

    However, being as it’s set for 24 episodes, and we’re in at only 9 episodes so far. I think if we don’t see that Level 10 be reached, the anime as a whole will let down it’s purpose.

    Either way, I don’t see this anime heading anywhere straight, and I found myself mostly enjoying the loli service. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Accel World for it’s worth, but it just doesn’t feel all that much in tact in terms of having a solid goal, especially when Haru advanced two levels within the background of one episode, kinda taking out on an element that initially felt important when boosting with Taku.

    • Hawkward says:

      Though I must digress… freshly bathed lolis are overwhelmingly cute :D

    • Seven says:

      I was expecting failure for quite a while.

      • Hawkward says:

        I concur completely, but as usual, I keep holding dear to that glimmer of hope. I like to give a series at least 3-5 episodes to get good, but I hate dropping series if I pass the half way mark and it turns to shit. At least the service is still going to be there =/

  • avatar flamestrike says:

    Whoa there’s 24 episodes? That’s quiet a lot. Not that I mind since I like this show, but I wonder if it will start de-railing and etc. I also highly doubt Haru will reach level 10 considering what it requires. If anyone, Kuroyukihime is the best bet. The loli has given this show a surprisingly good boost though.

    • Seven says:

      I don’t think you have to worry about it derailing – it’s already proven apt at that. Though indeed, it’s fairing decently now with the loli.

  • liberator says:

    There is something about girls who usually tie their hairs becoming more attractive after letting them down.

  • skylion says:

    Finally got to watch it uninterrupted. The loli, as we all can acknowledge, is a welcome addition. I’m enjoying how parts of her character are readily transparent, and how some take a few guesses to work out. Also, dig her VR avatar. Lovin’ the loli musketeer look; only without a ranged weapon, the rapier is a neat tough considering her Burst avatar.

    Now, if only we could get a petition for the Red King show, I think we could all be happy.

  • skylion says:

    The Princesses Serenity, The Red King, Yunoha (EVOL), and Shinobu Meme team up and fight crime. And take baths.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    Eventually, Haru will have to end up killing rest of the kings including the Red King. But so far, the episode is getting intense and intresting.

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