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Rewrite Harvest Festa! Oppai Friendly CG

May 29, 2012 @ 0:31 CDT

Rewrite Harvest festa!” is the upcoming eroge variant of Key’s unprecedented “Rewrite” visual novel – and a page from a magazine shows the computer graphic imagery to certainly be coming along quite nicely.

Each of Key’s games to be released eventually later receives a more age restricted variant – and Rewrite Harvest festa! happens to be Rewrite’s offering in that respect. The girls of the game were already ensnaring when properly dressed and with modest moe appearances – yet to see them as they will be in Harvest festa!, provocative in attire and personality alike, it’s as if some perverse dream is coming true.

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  • Despite the risqué extras and scenes, this is actually an all-ages fandisk, and not an 18+ remake or expansion (per the official site and various retailers). They’re upping the fanservice, but it’s not going to go that far.

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