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There’s seemingly always a trending characteristic every anime season – and for the ongoing spring of 2012, black hair with a ponytail appears to be a current dominant force in cute female moe qualities.

Whether this is a mass coincidence or what, it would be fruitless to bother guessing – however it’s certain that many who find themselves of the relevant fetish are definitely to be reveling in satisfaction right now, and perhaps in need of some identifiable information.

The first, and rather proud, ponytail sporting female seen below is the ghostly bishoujo Yuuko of Tasogare Otome – she practically desecrates the ponytail as she merely wears it as if it were something simply to prevent interference from the mane during activities. This is a lack of appreciation for the ponytail as a style element instead of a convenience – like one rolling up their sleeves solely so they don’t become dirtied by whatever, versus doing it out of a look hoped to be achieved. This solidly places her in the ranking of last.

Accel World’s semi-tsundere butterfly character does view the ponytail under a more respectable light – yet it’s not always that she wears it, and rather than recognize the hairstyle as a top contending device for furthering the appearance, she mainly utilizes it to appease her fat pig friend. In other words, she’s more specifically out to satisfy the fat pig – she’s not cognizant of a ponytail’s worth as is, gaining herself the middle spot of third on this imaginary list.

And then there arrives the dull zombie girl of Sankarea, “Sanka Rea” – who even with a ponytail, isn’t much in particular personality-wise, and thus instantly fails in this contention, being put in fourth place out of pity.

Next, while she was merely an expendable side-character, the girl adorned in white dress from Fate/Zero is quite a notable proponent of ponytails – contrastingly, the leading female of Hyouka is not particularly note-worthy in her hairstyle as she wears it only for a minuscule period, yet sure enough, she does wear it. However, as with nearly all the others to come before her, Hyouka’s moeblob loses this bout – although the reason here is more of a photo finish.

Initially, one would be quick to disqualify the moeblob for her insolence in only once wearing a ponytail – yet considering the matter deeper, she wore a ponytail when she went to meet her potential lover, Oreki, in a cafe. This could indicate she’s well aware of the ponytail’s value – and saves it for the more deserving occasions, which effectively puts her in second place.

Fate/Zero’s entry into this fetish is the most superior of the season – and that’s as the girl in question, Kiritsugu’s short-lived girlfriend, actually wore a ponytail on a regular basis, whereas all the other feminine creatures here merely decided on it as some sort of escape from the usual.

It is the seasoned veteran who enjoys victory here – a few of the others did fight hard, whilst some didn’t even bother to try, yet ultimately, Fate/Zero’s one-shot character simply wears it best.


  • Dusk252 says:

    Wow, I’m surprised to fully agree with your rankings but I definitely do.
    One thing I found rather strange though, is how your reasoning for both Eru and Kuroyukihime’s motive for wearing a ponytail is pretty much the same (appeal to a potential love interest), yet your portray one in a mostly positive light and the other in a mostly negative light…
    Anyway, just as a final note: screenshot 3 of Kuroyukihime proves she doesn’t only wear it in front of Haru, regardless of that being the reason she first tried it.

    • Seven says:

      The butterfly was insecure about the ponytail and just wearing it with the hopes it would appease her pig friend – meanwhile, the moeblob confidently took to the ponytail and wore it on an occasion she viewed as more important than the norm, as is also indicated by her selection of attire.

      If the butterfly later changed her view on the ponytail, that’s certainly a positive for our purpose – although if you trip when you start a race, you can’t expect to still make it first.

      • Dusk252 says:

        Ok, now that’s a good explanation I can agree with^^

        That’s mean! She could become the most respectable ponytail-wearer ever in some time, don’t discard someone just for a bad start, as it depends on the length of the course. (*half-kidding here*)

        • Seven says:

          I had considered that so I decide to use the term “expect” – it’s still possible she can possible the master and expert of ponytails, though I certainly wouldn’t invest in that idea.

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