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Sankarea – Even Zombies Wear Shimapan

May 25, 2012 @ 1:29 CDT

Sankarea’s eighth episode keeps a fair pace of festivities till the mid-point – complications then arise, and a disconcerting issue long awaited finally comes to pass, taking the series into a phase of conflict.

To set the scene, the episode initiates with an exposé of Furuya’s perverse obsessions for filming Sanka Rea and various key areas of her body – he’s keeping an eye on his specimen, that is understandable, however he’s obviously enjoying it more than he should. Yet one can still respect this as Furuya is managing to deliver a collection of moe imagery most delightful – and thus he’s still making productive use of his time. However, the zombie girl Sanka Rea eventually wishes for compensation for her modeling – and the main character hasn’t much else to do but agree.

Our protagonist takes the feminine monster creature known as “Sanka Rea” along to a shopping facility – and then as with all sterotypical females, Sanka Rea spends endless hours of her limited lifespan frivolously trying to wear the entire store. Like a generic male, Furuya isn’t particularly excited about any of this – he’s neither reaping much pleasure from seeing his female friend in various outfits, nor is he thrilled that he’s to be paying for one of these many ensembles, yet after a while, considering Sanka Rea’s situation more, he takes an interest.

Having had a life locked in a single solitary place of living with a perverted photographer, she’s taking an extended respite in being able to do something as simple as purchase clothes from a public market – and Furuya appreciates this, sympathizing with her overcoming of adversity.

Now once Sanka Rea concludes her shopping, a moe scene filling the screen for good measure, Furuya heads out to purchase edibles – and as he does this, a shady unit of lowly lackeys from the Sanka Rea household mobilize with the aim of kidnapping Sankarea. Furuya’s friend however intercedes with that scene – mainly wasting a stack of time as a comic relief element before the minions make their move. They rush to snatch Sanka Rea – yet just as one shouldn’t have had much trouble foreseeing, her ultra strength does them no favors.

As result, they end up taking the kid instead, our late to the party protagonist who is swept off his feet and stolen from society in broad daylight, within a public venue, with a sizable surrounding crowd of onlookers.

In all honesty, this kidnapping ordeal is quite weak a portion of story – its execution works, yet it certainly was nowhere near as well done as it could have been. The friend’s role couldn’t have been any more pointless than was seen – and Furuya was taken far too easily. The scene felt as if intended to be climatic – yet it wasn’t, the presentation was hardly compelling.

All the while as that occurred, the cousin was moping in a public bath alone till Furuya’s imouto arrives and she starts bothering her as she hasn’t much else to do anyways.

One does of course want to see the aftermath of this and how the senile father of Sanka Rea will be defeated – however, there’s little else to say in respect to that. Unless this series turns out to be a tragedy, the outcome isn’t tough to guess – yet either way, the series’ isn’t very abstract, it’s time to rescue Furuya, and we’ll have to accept a delay in our wish to see how he’s saved.

Of everything, the most unanticipated aspect of this episode was the shot of Sanka Rea shimapantsu – though in all seriousness, this installment is slightly better than average, a not so great, yet excusable entry into the darkened contrast of the series, a possibly life-threatening experience for our male lead.


  • liamash3 says:

    Furuya got kidnapped? Aw well, Rea will probably charge in, possibly with the cousin, and rescue him. It’ll be interesting seeing how the dad reacts to seeing Rea again – considering her undead state and all. Then again, considering the dad isn’t fully sane, he could just pass it off as quick healing or not notice/care.

  • zammael says:

    >the senile father of Sanka Rea


    Seriously, having read the manga, I thought the pace in this episode dropped a couple of levels, hence the anti-climactic nature of the climax. Thought the episode would end a bit later, where [deleted] gets [deleted] by [deleted].

    • Seven says:

      I thought this episode was like organizing a party and not going yourself – was a major loss of momentum.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    It’s ninja time

  • eliscrubs says:

    I recall the father saying something about castration earlier?

    Goodbye Furuya. You had a good run. Well not really

    • Seven says:

      He’s been a rather dull character – and while I don’t think he’ll actually be successfully castrated, I noticed the possibility that Sankarea can overall conclude in tragedy.

      The series seems to have some occasional darker moments, or camera angles, which certainly imply the worst. Not that I’d be upset with that – I’ve not come to like any of the characters in this series to deeply to be bothered, a tragedy would be quite interesting to watch.

      • eliscrubs says:

        Tragedy endings don’t really happen often in anime though. The only one I can think of right now is School Days. And to be honest, by the end of that series, them all dying felt like a good thing

        I agree that a tragedy would be neat. Ideally without Ranko involved, the only character I really like. Dem ankles ;)

        • Seven says:

          I can think of a certain amazing tragedy anime – and aside from that one, and School Days, I’m sure I’ve seen a few more that I can’t recall at the moment.

          I definitely agree that tragedies don’t occur often – and also, if Sankarea did have one, I’d prefer it wouldn’t include Ranko as well. She’s certainly the most likable character of this series – with the imouto following in second, although the imouto is mainly only there because she’s cute.

  • skylion says:

    At least the preview promises some quality time with Mero and her coterie. Why do these shows wait so long to showcase the best they have?

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