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Reading Is Rewarding When There’s Nopan

May 25, 2012 @ 18:02 CDT

A set of Saki bookmarks featuring the Achiga girls of “episode of side A” certainly turns reading into a rewarding experience – they emphasize the most flavorful curves each character has to offer, satisfying greatly.

Varying portions of the female body are focused upon depending on the girl in question – each of Achiga’s delectable treats best delivers in a certain respect when it comes to fetish fulfillment, and these bookmarks clearly understand that concept quite well, panning in, and cropping down to the more savory sections of each girl.

Jersey wearing loli Shizuno sports nothing under her athletic attire, a detail of much rejoice – however the problem arises in that she’s wearing a jersey, thereby making a fair portion of her physique covered by durable textile. Yet the bookmark foresaw that concern, and centered its interest on her slender loli legs – a true initiative taker. The style of art utilized here is one of heavily saturated hues – significantly aiding in making her legs not simply stand out, but shine even, right off the rectangular canvas.

Unsurprisingly however, Shinzuno’s partner in flat chest, the twintailed Ako, manages to be the most formidable – she does have a respectable chest, yet the bookmark has taken attention to her absence of underwear. If her leg were not obscuring the view – there’d be quite a sight to see, though as one can notice easily, there still is either way. Her curvature is ensnaring – and seeing it be of bare skin, the display becomes even more daringly spellbinding.

The cute bishoujo Kuro-chan has a grande sized set of oppai, and while she does have the most balanced positioning of all the girls, the bookmark mainly closes in on her zettai ryouiki fashioned thighs – which as one can see, are quite shapely. As for her sister, it’s her breasts which expectedly receive the spotlight – her visage is hardly even in the frame. And finally comes Arata, the entirely flat chatacter who hasn’t much of anything at all – yet the bookmark made effort to exhibit her legs and waist.

This indeed is quite an effective method of promoting reading – many would dive over mangas and light novels if they came paired with promotional extras as this.


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