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Several basic yet well designed key visual illustrations of Busou Shinki’s cast of cute anime figures are now freely available for examination – impressing in their unwavering adherence to the source material.

Easily noticed whilst scanning the sketches, each girl is given quite a sense of vitality – and the above image of “Altines” evidences this marvelously with her smile which mixes a sense of relaxation alongside an inviting quality. Yet its also intriguing in that while individualistic emotions are expressed by the characters, they remain quite strictly modeled after their original counterparts – the actual Busou Shinki figures.

Noticed immediately with the first image below, the many assorted joints are all accounted for – the body plate armor has been considered in how it fits atop, and curves to respond to the female’s frame. And likewise, clear contemplation has gone into the possible expressions a Busou Shinki figure can have. The artist wasn’t illustrating an attractive young girl – rather, he was illustrating a plastic figure which happened to be quite appealing. A basis of drawing is to draw what you see.

Of course there’s a few more imaginative implementations – the illustration above is smoothed out to appear as if it were a regular portrait of a sentient entity rather than a sketch of a plastic humanoid sculpture, a skilled transformation which takes advantage of the figure’s own traits to formulate a fully living character.

With the first view of Strarf below, the apathetic faced one with her arm extended outward to the right, the character designs truly shine most brilliantly.

Her pose, in conjunction with the many details of her appearance, imply a futuristic cyberpunk deal – she looks much like a cyborg bishoujo, with joints quite prominent and unmissable, however superbly integrated within her overall physique, and all rotated accordingly to fit in place in a fashion streamlined. Like a puzzle, each segment of her body has been carefully drawn in relation to interlock with another – and covering her body are her armored components, each distinguished through an elevated contour in shape, alongside a series of line patterns.

And on that note, it’s difficult to go without saying Strarf’s visage is incredibly adorable – her indifference is charming, and her hair’s winding circular width is lovely. The same in fact applies to all of these Busou Shinki plastic females – and each is rather visually satisfying in more ways than one.

Busou Shinki’s TV anime has been confirmed to debut autumn of this year – and there’s quite a right for excitement.

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