An elemental workshop.

While comparisons are rarely ideal in describing anything, Sengoku Collection’s latest episode best sums up as an Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai – meaning there’s either a ton of symbolism, or a bunch of nonsense.

Another episode, another loli character heroine arrives to take the reigns of this historical on modern madness.

Apparently, the series is still out of the bustling metropolitan – yet now is in a mountainous village space in which our latest leading loli, straight out of sengoku, has seemingly already settled in well with a family of the local area. As she walks with her friend to what is presumably elementary school, the two are discussing a certain type of subsistence mostly popular in the Asian region of the globe, “rice” – and we learn that our loli happens to be quite an addict of the substance.

Our leading loli’s love for rice is insurmountable – and she’s even confident in this enough to proudly exclaim that not a single soul in Japan adores this cereal grain as vehemently as she does. And this loli is not all talk either, once she hears from her friend of an urban legend – a tale of a rock in which girls danced atop in hopes of securing a “good harvest” of rice for the village, the loli subsequently wastes not a second in going to prance around on top of this organic aggregate of minerals.

Her dance certainly is no samba, yet it seems to be effective as when she sits atop the extension of earth, one of two rice balls she’s brought with her starts to bounce away – leading her off the rock and into a black void. During decent into purgatory, she encounters illusions of many kind till finally landing on the floor of a home – a place with two doors, one of which appears to lead back outside, and the other to a room in which a grain of rice sits depressed, speaking to himself like he’s senile.

There’s many an obvious reference here – two doors, one of which has darkness clogging its window, the other, brightness emanating forward. Incidentally, it is this second door which is the one with the deranged rice grain within it – and immediately upon the sight of a selection of two contrasting lights within a hallucinatory experience, it should have been quite apparent to anyone, the darker of the two doors would led to an instant death, something which we later see confirmed to have been the case.

As this loli has quite an adventurous attitude, it seems to be out of a mere lust for thrills that she followed the door with the more intriguing and unusual display on the other side of the window – yet this personality pays off, saving her life unknowingly, and taking her to a second step in her journey.

Rather than what she’s spotted earlier, she’s now amongst a celebration – a merriment organized by rice in honor of her, “Hideyoshi”, as she’s so-called. Attempting to coherently assess any of what transpires at this point is a challenge one can enjoy on their own, yet it’s certainly worth mentioning that Nobunaga joins Hideyoshi’s party. Nobunaga actually ends up making her second greatest appearance in this episode after that of her debut – she essentially tags along with Hideyoshi on an escapade within this ethereal realm, proving cute and comical as expected.

Nobunaga’s role in this story was certainly not foreseen – yet she anticipatedly livens this otherworldly undertaking till a third sengoku individual is introduced, and then the episode literally becomes full of action.

Much does occur, yet it’s so very abstract, the interpretation can be taken to many a level – as stated in the episode itself, such discussions are practically pointless. And thus moving along to the outcome, the loli Hideyoshi naturally chose the proper path, a route followed by those with an appreciation for edible grain, to which thanks can be given for her survival.

Hideyoshi awakens back at the village, surrounded by the residential populace – and upon her coming to, she notices she’s fitted in a kimono acquired within the reverie, whilst also equipped with an object which shoots rice like geyser does water. It appears she wasn’t lost in her mind after all.

In respect to Hideyoshi, there’s little to say – yet Nobunaga has our attention however. She arrived, and she accomplished nothing – taking no treasure of anyone as far as we were shown. However, perhaps Nobunaga took the treasure upon Hideyoshi’s decisions made in her delusionary reality – as in essence, Hideyoshi did settle on staying at the village by her course taken, one which preferred rice above all, and one which notably wasn’t bothered even a bit by subsiding in the village.

Furthermore, she now has all the rice she could ask for – her life is complete, and now there’s nothing more to do aside from the usual, wait feverishly for the next episode in hopes of another, and sure to be spectacular, story. And on that note, the title for the episode of next had the term “Part 1″ appended to it – indicating that possibly, we’re to see the first multi-part plot in this anime, a divergence from the typical episodic diversions.


  • skylion says:

    I haven’t watched this yet, but that eyecatch (009) is pleasing. You may continue to divulge all…

    • Seven says:

      Good thing she’s several thousands of years old.

      • skylion says:

        See, rice is good for you. It promotes longevity and eating in a natural state….

        • Seven says:

          That should explain why the cast of this series is predominately loli – I presume the other sengoku generals were carnivorous.

          • skylion says:

            Correction: Totomoyi Hideyoshi died in 1598, several hundred years, not thousands. But then, we are dealing with The Sengoku Collection period and not the actually history. But since they time-ported from that period to ours, aging is not a factor.

            This loli is a loli. As are they all.

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