An elemental workshop.

Sakamichi no Apollon was straying from the music as relationships and other issues were flooding out the jazz – yet a tremendous recovery takes place, and revolution is had, jazz doesn’t rewrite, it reestablishes.

Richie stormed off childishly yet understandably last episode – and now he merely idles on how drab his life has been since. It’s a standard school day – and Richie currently sits not too inclined towards anything. Ri-chan spots him, and of course, can’t simply leave him be – she offers him an “onigiri”, and he accepts it gladly, to which other females of the class then approach Ri-chan to state the obvious which still goes denied by the relevant individuals.

They tease Ri-chan in a friendly manner, mentioning that she’s been recently rather close with Nishima-kun – yet each involved party says otherwise, even though it seems they’re simply both bad liars. One can safely assume this is a foreshadow for fireworks to spark and shimmer later on – yet as for now, carrying on, it should be noted that the class as a whole eases up with Richie, and even recognizes the potential of Richie paired with Ri-chan.

As dismissal comes, Sentaro is spotted having awaited his friend – yet Richie entirely ignores him, and Sentaro doesn’t appear determined to chase him down. He’s concerned, however, he realizes making a commotion out of the matter as it currently stands won’t get him anywhere – thus he merely tarries home, head heavy with thought.

His contemplative mood on a troubling subject only turns to be one even more dumbfoundingly worrying – Sentaro arrives in front of the record shop only to hear of Yurika’s presence, and then see her himself. She’s visibly occupied in the mind with a intimate subject – and Sentaro is noticeably aware of this as well, he’s further realizing that she’s stuck over Jun. Sentaro decides upon a risky move – advancing every base and shooting for a homerun, yet he was simply too ambitious, and unsurprisingly, fails.

He was with Yurika in the jazz basement – yet the mood is abolished, completely decimated as they’re interrupted by a disheveled Jun. Everything scatters all over the place afterward – girl runs off, Sentaro boxes Jun in the face for a not entirely understood reason before taking his leave, and the place is left an ambient mess, like a bar fight aftermath, but of emotion. Sentaro from there forward is left quite solemn, lacking in spirits, and mind weighed down with much – yet that is where a shift occurs.

This transition is like one scaling the sky and its many clouds straight to the stars – it takes off in an instant, and the impact is a slug of energy, a reactive explosion of built-up feelings.

A point came where Richie couldn’t speak with Sentaro even if he tried – and time subsequently decided to get in its galaxy express and take a ride at mach speeds through the atmosphere. The two drifted far apart – yet as the culture festival came, while it first seemed unfavorable, it opened an opportunity unforeseen.

Overhearing Sentaro sharing his reasons of joining the yaoi band, Richie reaches terms with himself on this situation – gaining the closure he needed to move on. And then, an instance of him taking to the piano to stall for time as technical difficulties hindered the band’s performance turns into a spectacle of legends.

Fluidity of animation is felt resonating to the vibe of the instruments as Richie and Sentaro start playing together – the song steadily grows in potency and passion as waves of students begin to flock to see the thunderous and mysterious performance of two who typically went regarded as outcasts.

They finish to quaking applause and proceed to escape – running out of the school and into the streets together, adrenaline radiating off them like the sun does solar flares, flailing their arms in awareness of what they’ve succeeded with. A reunited friendship, and a fantastic show – both of which spell out a desire for more, however, this episode has the usual lust for continuation feeling more akin to an addictive pulse.


  • alan says:

    in my opinion this was by far the best episode so far, is full of emotions and of course Jazz which is the main theme of this series. Thankfully the Jazz was brought back and in an amazing display when it seemed that the talent show had failed, it was indeed an amazing ending for this episode.
    On a different note the end where they just bash through all the students to scape running seemed as if 2 lovers were running away to fulfill a prohibited love, which i think was pretty funny.

    • Seven says:

      Agree with everything, even the lover part – I thought the same thing momentarily, it’s quite reminiscent of a girl and a guy running away. Although of course, both of our guys like girls only – it was more a rebellious thing.

  • skylion says:

    A great end to the second act. The pacing of the final set piece summed up in such grace everything proceeding before it. The next phase of bromance is oncoming.

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