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Nisemonogatari Has A Mistake On Blu-Ray

May 24, 2012 @ 13:25 CDT

For whatever fetishistic purposes, a scene of Shuraragi-kun carrying his colossal imouto in Nisemonogatari was edited to show her wearing socks – yet SHAFT made one mistake almost as menial as the original alteration.

While SHAFT edited this episode on the third Blu-ray volume to become more considerate of special interests, which is quite respectable, the episode now has a sort of paradigm when witnessed on Blu-ray. The scene starts with socks, yet the socks then disappear and reappear sporadically depending on camera angle. Assuming SHAFT didn’t purposefully do this, it would be an understandable human error – however, that doesn’t make it any less surprising to see as SHAFT is one of the top animation studios in existence, it’s hard to imagine how they missed a silly flaw as this.

SHAFT is also known for their gags and odd behavior however, and this could simply be something sprouting as result of that – perhaps its an inside joke at the expense of imouto?


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