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Haganai Goes Topless On The Beach

May 23, 2012 @ 10:52 CDT

A moment much awaited, the fifth Blu-ray volume of Haganai packs an excess of raw meat – raunchy and unrefined slabs of beef are spilled all over the screen in numerous scenes, not a sight for vegetarians.

Haganai’s meat factory experienced many explicit incidents as result of her own air-headed stupidity – and now as with most optical media releases, everything has been uncensored on this latest Blu-ray volume, even the suffocatingly excess amounts of meat. A few of the many scenes now dripping with with the cringe inducing juices of uncooked beef include an unforgettable event in which the slab of meat indecently pranced around in the nude, chasing after a child, the little sister of the guest her father has invited over.

Better yet, there arrives the time in which the walking chunk of redundance began confidently pointing fingers at others on the beach, all whilst no more than a miniature textile away of being entirely bare skinned – as if her bikini bottom even served much a purpose. The meat completely disregarded the single male and many children who were present, as well as the more respectable ladies who were essentially forcibly subjected to witnessing an obscene sight.

Surely, even if one isn’t for several servings of steak sloshed together, the antics of this extraordinarily beef ridden character are still quite amusing to watch – not necessarily in the same manner as a comedic gag, yet rather, it’s as if witnessing an inferior creature go about its menial methods thinking it were civilized on par with the rest of society.

Quite a filling series of sights indeed, even if not particularly appetizing in the eyes of all.


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