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Nisemonogatari’s tsundere vampire loli adorns the front cover illustration of the series’ third Blu-ray volume – sitting relaxed in a tub of donuts, dressed in nothing but a hat on her head, with a pastry in her mouth.

Charming to be sure, yet this art piece is unorthodox – Shinobu sits in center, and visual interest isn’t derived from the focal point as much as it is the idea and concept of the artwork as a whole. Flat chests are fantastic in their own right, yet in all seriousness, Shinobu hasn’t much to show off – or rather, she’s not showing anything to rave over as seen here. Instead, she manages to allure in that her character is attractive to begin with – and further, the context of this image is candy sweet indeed.

Prevalent is the signature Nisemonogatari style of art, an emphasis on shape with lucid colors – brilliant yellow being most prominent, whilst a milky strawberry pink settles in the background, both of which are found repeatedly throughout the artwork, recurring as the hues of a few select donuts and assorted other details in order to ensure a harmonic overall appearance.

Simplified shapes, with dramatic color saturation and shadow such as that which can be spotted on her knees, contributes to an abstract atmosphere – and one could even say this composition is surrealistic to a degree, specifically due to the imaginative combination of elements.

A striking facet is the pure creativity, and spot-on ability, of the pose, alongside the other objects within the image, as well as their physical organization as seen in the art, at reflecting Shinobu’s personality. The artist employed use of Shinbou’s much beloved treat, atop her more free spirited and suggestive nature as is represented in the bathing aspect – both of which are nostalgic characteristics of the series, thereby succeeding at engaging familiar fans through memorable sights, as well as absolute newbies alike.

Intricacy is another aspect found, specifically in a few minute additions – Shinobu’s jewelry-clad arm to the right holds a menu of Mista Dontsu’s many enticing baked goods, and not to mention, the pile of delicacies in which she bathes is also quite variegated in itself.

It’s not as if anything less was expected – yet as one can see, Nisemonogatari is certainly saccharine.


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