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Mashiro Symphony – More Uncensored Oppai

May 22, 2012 @ 13:32 CDT

Mashiro-iro Symphony’s fifth Blu-ray volume has come, gracing all with its gorgeously illustrated females who are now entirely uncensored – and even including several scenes of moe absent from the televised release.

This series is truly different from the rest in that it just rewards the viewers all around – there’s no stipulations one way or the other, and its practically as perfect as a worldly creation can be. The girls of the series are stunning – the sight of them during the TV airing was already overwhelming, and not only in cuteness, yet in beauty as well, a lethal combination. Yet Mashiro-iro Symphony still goes above and beyond, uncensoring everything on Blu-ray, and even adding extra scenes to enjoy.

Of course, a few other series follow the same route – however, Mashiro-iro Symphony differs in that its cast of females are akin to fine art masterpieces. They’re elegant and refined in appearance – rather than something like, Majikoi’s slew of expendable trashy girls.


  • Firetribe says:

    If I were that guy’s position, i don’t think I would be just be standing there looking amazed. :3

    Anyway, the sounds like a lovely ecchi series.

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