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Haganai’s Yozora Embarrassed In Mizugi

May 22, 2012 @ 5:36 CDT

Haganai’s Yozora returns in a mizugi figure incarnation once more – only now rather than a tiny Beach Queen with a one piece, she’s instead showing off her physique within the much revered red bikini of hers.

Surprisingly, the single time this two piece mizugi makes an appearance within the anime is for a fraction of a second during the opening sequence – and as one may be able to guess, the figure isn’t based on that, rather, the light novel’s 7th volume cover.

An immediate point of interest is how the figure isn’t particularly detailed – it’s definitely pale in comparison to Good Smile’s unsociable yet sexy seifuku fitted variant, and even the usually poor quality Beach Queen rendition, yet a key difference with this figure is its size, a larger 1/7 scale, and those are often less intricate than a 1/8. Yet furthermore, one should consider the aforementioned source material as well – this is the first figure based on the light novel, rather than the anime.

One can see that the visage is somewhat bland, as is the figure as a whole, in terms of precise incisions – mainly everything was kept larger and smoothed out, instead of threshed out. However finer points aside, this figure actually makes up for not being as ornate as others of the same much loved character in that this figure does capture definition and form. For instance, Yozora’s short hair is well-represented, as are her eyes – yet a trait best exemplifying the quality of this sculpt is her desirable female flesh.

Looking at her back, notice how her bikini bottom isn’t stiff – it sticks to her skin, reacting as if damp. And this could also explain why her mizugi is darker than her jacket – the swimsuit is soaking wet, so it is darker in hue from having absorbed water. Similarly to the bottom, her mizugi top is also impressive in that her breasts don’t appear unnatural – they respond realistically in how they’re held, not being glued to her chest, although not sporadically trying to escape their place either.

Her appearance overall is quite gentle – she’s embarrassed as she tries something new, and it certainly needn’t be said, though doing so anyways, this is a true gift for any friends of this unfriendly female.


  • alan says:

    I’m pretty sure that Seven is gonna get this figure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lovely! I’ll keep my eye out for it, for my birthday.

    This cute one, and the other sexy beach queen.

    • Seven says:

      In respect to the beach queen, there’s a red mizugi one – and an identical black one. Check out the black one, it’s far sexier given Yozora’s dark hair. Red is not her color whatsoever – though of course, she’s still quite lovely in anything, even a prison uniform with a horse mask.

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