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Tasogare Otome Has Both Kinds Of Chest

May 21, 2012 @ 13:52 CDT

Gangan Joker’s promised 3-D oppai mousepad for the ghostly bishoujo heroine of Tasogare Otome arrives in its latest issue, June 2012 – yet, the magazine also rewards with an illustration featuring Kirie and the ghost.

The flirtatious supernatural entity with massive breasts, Yuuko, is seen above in a miniature pool, fitted in mizugi, sitting besides the more flavorful, and incidentally flat chested, Kirie. Yuuko receives enough attention in the series as is, and her oppai are essentially all she has to her to love – her personality isn’t anything too admirable, and neither are any of her other defining traits. Though on that note, there aren’t much distinct characteristics to her – she’s quite a generic bishoujo, gargantuan chest, tall, and dark.

And thus, moving along to the much more superior female, Kirie, she seems troubled by her believed deficiency in the upper body – however, little does she realize how much a demand there is for her physique. Her oppai are actually quite a realistic size – yet the aspect which truly makes her above all in the series of Tasogare Otome, as well as beyond most XX chromosome creatures in general, is how inexplicably adorable she is.

Her cuteness knows no bounds, and one of the main reasons for that being that she doesn’t even realize how cute she is – her visage is a heavenly gift, her slender frame is sweet, and her constant struggles against personal adversities, such as her excess fears and phobias which she attempts to courageously overcome, despite being horrified, are so exquisitely moe.

With all taken into account, Kirie lovers can at least take salvation in this image since it seems her chest isn’t qualified to receive an oppai mousepad of its own.


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