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Blood-C has teamed up with Kingsoft to market their anti-virus internet security product – while collaborative marketing effort of anime and random object or service is not rare, this is by far one of the worst.

Apparently, the scheme is that after one purchases Kingsoft’s product, then they can subsequently enter a contest with an application form available alongside their internet security program – with the possible rewards of such being an autographed script of the series, or a “replica seifuku”. The company has gone as far as to formulate a short 16 second promotional clip as well – the video basically being a few segments of anime which have been muxed with a few other scenes, alongside a single line of speech from a series character, amongst the typical marketing jazz.

The effectiveness of bishoujo vampires in advertising for internet security is questionable – although rather than that, it appears no one considered the impact brought on a series by using one of its characters to push a product.

Frankly, Blood-C never seemed more than a gimmick as it was nowhere near being true to the Blood series – and instead, was merely an animation littered with CLAMP tropes and excess attempts at overly sought originality. To see the series being used in this manner only furthers that feeling – not simply as the series is being utilized in a marketing campaign, but one which feels as much a petty ruse as the series itself did.

Unsurprisingly, this is yet another CLAMP and Production IG failure.


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