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Saki’s latest in episode of side A is a massive treat – not only does the tournament swivel in favor of Achiga’s girls, enough for them to progress onward, yet a highly loved character returns to help Achiga’s girls.

Starting off, the series gets straight into Arata’s round after a bit of adorable recap chatter – a note worthy aspect is that, just as it has been for a while, the series is speeding off. The story is progressing at quite an accelerated pace – and in fact, nearly nothing of Arata’s tournament is seen. It concludes as soon as it begins – with substantial emphasis specifically going to certain aspects of the characters, instead of the match as a whole.

An attractive blonde haired player of an opposing team is given quite a solid amount of camera time. She’s shown to be quite an ace mahjong player, a foreigner – and her background is explored a fair amount, complete with flashbacks and fanservice.

This could be viewed two ways – either the series is attempting to develop a sort of basis of understanding between the characters and viewer, such as X went through ABC, thus we should come to realize how much this mahjong tournament means to them, even if they’re against our protagonist, or, this added character insight is merely done for gratuity.

The scene focusing on this antagonist team character was full of moe, as the character in question is cute to a limit unknown, which is nothing unusual for this series – not to mention, her chest is quite perfected in size, and best of all, like any mahjong expert, she doesn’t wear pantsu, as is implied in a convenient, yet tantalizingly short of ideal, camera angle. It could actually be that this entire scene’s purpose was simply to highlight the fact that the females don’t wear underwear – something which “episode of side A” appears to do no less than once an episode.

In respect to Arata, she doesn’t receive much a chance to shine at all – literally, as soon as the game begins, it ends, failing to go in-depth on her playing style, and even showing Arata to be upset over not having gotten to exhibit even half of her potential. However, we do see a portion, a period from just before the tournament, in which Arata is speaking with her grandmother – and it becomes quite apparent how much the mahjong tournament truly means to her. Additionally, Arata does succeed in scoring before the match concludes.

And then the game turns to Shizuno, our jersey wearing loli hardly gets any focus either – the episode merely telling us the obvious which we learned back in episode one and two, Shizuno is a determined loli.

Ultimately, Achiga makes it to second place, and as result, now await the semi-finals alongside Senriyama – yet the difference in score between them and Senriyama was approximately 90,000. The semi-finals contain teams even more skilled than Senriyama – thus Achiga definitely needs to step up if it hopes to go for true victory.

Now moving along, there’s a facet in the series which is purely excellent – and in more ways than one. Achiga’s girls decided to head out after the tournament for ramen at the whim of the jersey wearer, and there, they run into Stealth Momo – one of the most admirable characters of Saki’s first season.

Her presence, or lack thereof, is in itself grand, yet her role is superb just as superb. Achiga’s girls have been picking up tricks from teams of Saki’s first season who have encountered Saki and crew – and it looks that Stealth Momo may be next in aiding Achiga in their coming contention in the semi-finals. At this rate, Saki and friends will fall defeated to Achiga as result of training and tips from teams who formerly fell to them, Kiyosumi. It’s nearly ironic – yet it’s logical, and quite epic.

Achiga’s unit of five is far more likable than Kiyosumi ever was – and so we hope to see their success. More Stealth Momo is much welcomed as well – and on that note, all of the girls on Momo’s team were a treat, not merely out of appearance, yet they were quite hilarious as well, beautiful personalities all around indeed. Like with every episode, we’ve yet another reason upon the conclusion to keep eager for the next.


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