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Neptunia V Is A Lot More Than “Sexy”

May 16, 2012 @ 23:37 CST

A mixture of new material has been released for “Neptunia V“, the latest in the critically acclaimed moe RPG action series – these fresh artworks feature the sexy females as usual, and there’s a few in-game stills as well.

Spectacular as always – strong and intense colors emanate off every scene in the Neptunia series. And be it actual in-game sights, or character concept artwork, the consistency in aesthetics is truly amazing and worth every ounce of respect one can have for the arts. Indeed, a notable feature of the series is the moe, and the many females with chests quite voluminously equipped – yet only an ignorant fool would asses visuals solely off of that.

One should at least recognize where the origin of beauty here lies.

Looking at the piece above, there’s a stunning repetition of hues – and the palette to begin with is already one which is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, that’s yet another area where Neptunia is beyond exceptional – the color selection alone is delicious. Most artists would be too fearful to experiment with the vivacious hues Neptunia features – yet the studio behind the game, Compile Hearts, frequently, or rather even, exclusively employs these unorthodox colors.

Seen above, a beautiful magenta works the background, as well as several small areas – notably the pupils, in addition to the trim of her eloquently provocative attire, whereas a deep purple dominates the image as it lavishes out in contrast. Such a delectable analogous scheme of colors atop an equally flavorful female, all within an overall astounding artwork – considering this game is worth purchasing solely for this visual supremacy if nothing else, it’s actually a must-buy as the other components are monumental as well.

Feel free to examine the remaining promotional pieces below – as well as the most recent PV, currently available on the official site.


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