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Creeping Cuteness Of Haiyore! Nyaruko

May 16, 2012 @ 0:13 CDT

Haiyore! Nyaruko’s creeping cuteness is quite a trending bundle of moe – her adorable traits extend beyond her appearance, and into her demeanor, although admittedly, one could say she’s annoying as well.

She’s moe in a manner far from orthodox – overlooking the sensation tingling sight of her presence and focusing first on her personality, of course one is likely to be in favor of her wishes over those of the incompetent protagonist she’s paired with within Haiyore! Nyaruko. Yet looking at it fairly, she could be considered a “pest” in that she does ignore and overlook many of his requests – choosing to do what she prefers instead, much to his dismay.

This is actually a significant part of why she is so cute – she’s annoyingly adorable. If any other creature acted just as she does in attitude, one would be driven mad if they were the victim – and if watching as a third party, much like we are now, we’d feel irritated. Yet Nyaruko being cute as she is visually, vocally, and in other facets of her personality when she’s not being a nuisance to the male lead, she seemingly receives instant forgiveness with all which she does – in fact, her deeds make her all the more admirable.

As for a few more aspects of charisma which are quite obvious for this creeping pile of moe, there’s her excess quantities of enthusiasm and energy which aren’t possible to miss – as well as a more discreet side of her individuality, her occasional attempt to entirely overlook something so she can have her way instead. For instance, X has been stolen or kidnapped – and while she may mention something about saving it or them once as it happens, she simply ends up doting over her beloved Mahoro-san instead.

One has to wonder if her romantic interest in this fellow with name not even worth properly remembering is simply as per keeping true to a particular aspect of Lovecraft’s original work through an ongoing parody or gag – or could there actually be a legitimate developmental plot reason for it. The latter doesn’t seem to be the case – specifically since Nyaruko’s love spontaneously sprouted upon her arrival to Earth.

Either way however, considering the playful and comedy centric nature of Haiyore! Nyaruko, what mainly matters is that our cute Nyarlathotep keeps receiving time on the camera – the method isn’t too critical.

And now continuing on to matters of fashion, this lovable Nyarlathotep ranks high on the moe factor for several individualistic – yet so often seen trope characteristics. Targeting the core elements of her design, her visage is drawn to be charming no differently than it would for any moe character – her face isn’t sketched according to values of reality, but to the tried and proven fundamentals of moe.

Looking above, one can notice it best – her face is made curvy and wide, cheeks puffing for enhanced cuteness, and mouth swiveled to be something like that of a small animal’s. Aside from being pillowy, her cheeks are also colored to constantly blush – this essentially makes it impossible for any expression of hers to not appear adorable. Furthermore, her eyes are sizable, glowing, and shimmer – them being green also gives her an advantage over moe characters in that her pupils complement her tomato red cheeks when she blushes even heavier.

Her hair is a neutral tone of silver, allowing her facial features, the eyes above all, to truly stand out – and an ahoge always maximizes the moe level of any creature as such an inconsistency in hair styling of a humanoid figure, in the case of an already cutely crafted character, easily strips them of whatever hint of seriousness they could have still possibly had to their name. It also helps that this attractive head of hers sits atop a rather healthy and young female body – perfect for a variety of activities from a few more wholesome, to those best not said.

With all that said, Nyaruko isn’t simply moe – she’s been genetically engineered to be the very pinnacle of the word.


  • skylion says:

    The Loli Commands Attention.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cute but I prefer Kuuko :D (and Nyaruko is better on the illustrations of the novel, she looks more like a loli!).

    • Seven says:

      The hot loli is hot too – though Nyaruko’s got the perfect traits in relation to my interests.


  • Anonymous says:

    In the anime Kuko attracts me more. Light novel, Nyaruko wins handsdown.

    As much as I like Nyaruko (sometimes), her hair in the anime bothers me. How they could ditch her gorgeous grey-ish silver hair for sewage green is beyond me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um, in the animé Nyaruko’s hair is still silver, it is never green. Although Nyarlathotep’s traditional colour is typically black. The only green haired character in the anime is Luhy, as she’s Cthulhu.

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