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“Accel World” Mizugi Oppai Fondling

May 16, 2012 @ 22:00 CDT

An official artwork of Accel World certainly accelerates all sorts of inner-processes as it features the flat chested butterfly heroine of the series having her chest felt by a currently insignificant female side-character.

The illustration takes it upon itself to provide panned-in views of the most attention worthy areas – and it allows one to see the butterfly, in her rather impressive mizugi, as she reacts in a manner quite relevant to many an interest. All the while, her chest also serves of precedence to many.

While her chest isn’t any more developed than the surface of a wooden plank – the butterfly still finds the courage to wear an elegant bikini with lace trimming the top in a pattern, alongside a jewel embedded in center, as if such additional binding is necessary for such a lacking upper body. No matter, it is admittedly appealing – particularly when it has two female hands caressing each cup as seen here.

An uncertain aspect regarding the illustration as a whole, however goes best noticed on the butterfly’s chest, is the absence of any intricacy whatsoever – aside from the fancy embroidery on the butterfly’s brassiere, all else is as flat as can be. No extensive, or even half-attempted value exists throughout the image. Even if under the sun at the beach, there should still be more shadow present – and in fact, it should be far more intense than the norm due to the more direct impact of sunlight.

Then again however, one can still grasp a sense of depth on the butterfly’s small oppai thanks to the spherical lighting – and additionally, her visage is cute, which is all that ultimately matters in this case. The question now is when shall the anime portray sights like this – surely this is much more superior to the remedial attempt at story the series has ongoing for it now.


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