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Saki’s Girls Are Tempting Without Trying

May 15, 2012 @ 17:37 CST

Getchu and AmiAmi are each offering an adorable phonecard featuring a character from Saki episode of side A with the purchase of the series’ first Blu-ray – both cards boast artwork simple, yet still manage to tempt.

Perhaps this simply goes to show how delectable the girls of Achiga are as the mere sight of them from the thighs up in a basic standing pose is enough to leave one trapped in their charm. Even with the unwelcome presence of the hefty and all capital “SAMPLE” text, the cute bishoujo Kuro-chan still treats the eyes well as her moe remains too powerful to be withheld by any obnoxious lettering – and her oppai, which find themselves snugly pressed together between the arms of their owner, grab attention near effortlessly in spite of being slightly covered up.

Not to mention, Kuro-chan’s zettai ryouiki receives solid yet subtle emphasis here – indirectly being one of the more enticing sights the phonecard has to offer. These cards are actually quite sadistic in that they show such a pedestrian pose, yet an all so lethal amount of fetish satisfaction – something inevitable with Achiga’s girls.

Similarly, Ako doesn’t hold back either – her chest is a size which all should be able to respect, and it is showcased in a fashion so that it stands out ever so slightly, being placed right in the center of the card, Ako’s arms uplifted to make her bust fully in view. Unlike Kuro-chan, Ako keeps her legs uncovered – though on that note, Ako doesn’t put much around her waist either. One might recall, she wears no pantsu – and in fact, no one in Saki does.

To further leave onlookers in a tantalized mood, all girls of Achiga, just as seen here, have tiny skirts which hardly extend down the legs – a detail quite dangerous when combined with the absence of pantsu.

Interestingly, blurring the eyes makes the two each appear to be on the cover of an adult video.

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