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Tasogare Otome delivers a rather dark and mystical tale, overall quite decent – yet direly lacking in that, as has been the usual thus far, it hasn’t much to do with the main story, assuming this series still has one.

A bishoujo one of a kind in her beauty is introduced mysteriously – it’s another day of the culture festival, and the customers to our crew’s haunted house has died down. This stunning female however is their latest clientele – and one can feel from the unparalleled visuals of foreshadow alone, there’s more to her which one should be concerned with than simply her immense physical allure.

This bewitching girl mentions prior to heading inside the haunted house that her primary goal is to find or see the highly controversial “Yuuko-san” – now whether she ever sees her, it’s unknown, however this bishoujo’s mystique has merely gone up tremendously.

Aside from her, another uncertain detail is arising, a rumor – or rather, a horror story. A ghost tale about a fellow out for blood is spreading sporadically throughout the highschool which our heroes attend – this myth however seems to be neither related to Yuuko, nor the iniquitous spectral entity which Kirie has encountered many times on occasion, rather, a separate force is stirring, and it appears to be one quite awfully unforgiving.

An abstract presentation carries the episode till the end – yet the story is still understandable, albeit a bit annoying. The gorgeous girl of earlier, a blonde haired, green eyed bishoujo, happens to also have the name “Yuuko” – and this resulted in her experiencing assorted forms of bullying from ignorant classmates through the years as they would call her “Yuuko-san”, and pester her with their idiotic ghostly fables.

This Yuuko’s response was to tell them straight – they’re stupid if they believe any of the ridiculous stories. Unfortunately, imbeciles can feel fear as well however, and her classmates then use that as an excuse to single her out, stating to be afraid of the ghost stories. Thus, in a mixed attempt to not be left out, as well as to ensure her own protection, blonde Yuuko’s complex string of lies begins here – she says she’ll protect them from “Yuuko-san”, and eventually, this led her to devise her own fictitious haunting spirit, “Akahito-san”.

And her homemade ghost tale wasn’t a simple one either – she continually built upon it, gradually making it more complicated and creepy in nature, as well as entangling “Yuuko-san” into her story.

Recently in particular, it seems the blonde Yuuko was pressing to crush “Yuuko-san” as she riled up a pack of morons with fear – making them fall for her Akahito nonsense, and having them go after our protagonist and friends’ supernatural club. Why would she do this? She’s seemingly lost sight of herself in hatred – she passionately despises everything supernaturally related, and she specifically abhors any who enjoy ghost stories, e.g., our protagonist.

Terrifying about this is how it plays out – the mob mentality gets wild and becomes dangerous without being fully aware of what they are acting on. Being more straightforward, a fair portion of the students become a pack of pigs – and indeed, it seemed for a moment the life of our protagonist was threatened as hogs came to his club room and dragged him out. Yet “Yuuko-san”, the ghost, saved him – and then we see blonde Yuuko arrive to arrogantly boast that she almost had our protagonist.

Yuuko doesn’t appear to be aware that what goes around comes back around – she’s later stuck in a sickening scenario with herself at fault. The pigs in whom she instilled senseless horror now turn on her – and she’s left only short of receiving what could have perhaps been lethal injuries. She was tied to a chair whilst a pocket knife was about to tarnish her skin – however our protagonist and crew come to the rescue, frightening everyone away through a fancy trick, and the aide of the ghost Yuuko-san.

Upon the conclusion of all – there’s several aspects of the episode to note. The girl appears to have learned her lesson after the incident she was involved in – yet it’s never clear if she was capable of seeing Yuuko-san or not. Yuuko and Yuuko-san passed one another on repeated occasion – yet if the blonde Yuuko can see the ghost Yuuko, then she’s been purposefully disregarding her presence. A reason for that could be that perhaps she’s simply not able to forgive her for having been bullied as result of sharing the name “Yuuko”.

Another topic to bring to attention, Silver Link animated this episode superbly in that they skillfully managed to get across the tense emotions through repetition of instigating sounds and nerving sights. For a second, one may feel irritated or bothered whilst watching the episode as result of the effects – yet those feelings are in fact exactly what Silver Link intends for the viewer to subside to, emotions akin to those being felt by the characters, no matter what they may be.

Lastly, past the episode’s end sequence, Kirie is met by her arch-nemesis. Nothing further is seen beyond that as the episode cuts off in suspense – however, this twist should have any eager to see what happens next. Now one must simply hope that Tasogare Otome will stick with a plot already – and not simply start off at a random unrelated point next episode as has been the case since forever.


  • alan says:

    i know Seven, they really need to get into the main story after the evil entity showed it self right in front of Kirie. As for this week episode it was ok, the moment they mentioned the “Red Man” Deadman Wonderland came to my mind which right now is in hiatus because half of the team in on leave due to pregnancy. Oh and as for the bonde Yukoo “raise crows and they will peck out your ayes” thats all i can say.

    • eliscrubs says:

      I can imagine the beginning of the next episode: Kirie closes her eyes in fear of the specter, and when she next opens them, it’s gone. She puts it off as a figment of her imagination, and the rest of the oppai filled episode commences. Not that I actually find anything wrong with that though

      • alan says:

        true, thats most likely what is gonna happen but oh well, i enjoy watching oppai

      • Seven says:

        That’s exactly what I thought would happen as well – what a coincidence.

    • Seven says:

      What they really need to do is kill off all the characters except Kirie.

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