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Saki episode of side A’s loli driven mahjong heat picks up as the onee-chan scores for her imouto – meanwhile, a loli steps up and proves more vicious in her preferred competitive tile game than one could have imagined.

This sixth episode starts with a short memory from the cute scarf-wearing girl of Achiga – she recalls how her imouto, the adorable yet all so bishoujo Kuro-chan, once protected her from bullies who were picking on her scarf-wearing ways. Scarf shoujo is essentially feeling that her little sister helped her much in the past, and now it is her turn to help her cute little sister by winning back points for Achiga – and thus, the game begins.

Slightly into the round, the scarf shoujo takes a few hits – her momentum gets slowed tremendously as Senriyama, as anticipated, has her style figured out. Yet in response, the scarf girl simply shuffles up her playing methodology.

Senriyama’s fatal mistakes lie in that they assumed the scarf girl simply arbitrarily dedicated herself to red marked tiles of a single pattern – yet in fact, the scarf shoujo takes advantage of any tile with red on it, and this results in Senriyama’s player experiencing an unforeseen twist in gameplay which has her shaken up in uncertainty. Of course as this all goes down, it’s delivered with an excess slurry of moe and cuteness – the reasoning for the red tile devotion is regarded to the fact that red is a warm hue, and this scarf girl is always cold, so she likes warmth.

Achiga doesn’t leave the match burning with triumphant flames of domination and bodies scattered on the floor – however, they have recovered from their pitfall to something more favorable to work with for the remainder of this tournament phase. And with that, the next player steps up for the following round – the twintailed nopan loli who serves as the second leading heroine, Ako.

Making for quite the unexpected, for a delicate little loli, her mahjong technique is aggressive and ruthless – easily notable as she makes successive attacks upon the other players in a quick dash to rack up points. Unfortunately, Senriyama’s player is fairly tough as well – and thus, Ako doesn’t manage to excel to first place, yet she does significantly ease up the difference in where she stands.

By the match’s conclusion, Senriyama has an enormous lead above all – and a little over a hundred thousand points over Achiga. Yet even with the chasm in point collective, it appears the coming contention may still tilt in the favor of either as the wildcards of both teams step forward – the blue eyed, seemingly indifferent, however certainly yuri inclined loli of Achiga will be facing off against the megane equipped, slanted eyebrow individual of Senriyama.

Megane adjusts her megane, and Achiga’s reserved loli gears up with gloves – seeing as the latter of the two is preparing as if readying for a mixed martial arts battle, curiosity erupts at what her speciality is. Every Saki character has a key trait in their mahjong ability – in the case of this loli however, her lack of expressive personality makes it questionable what hers may be. And more specifically, what sort of playing could she employ that requires gloves?

One aspect which is clear is that this loli is likely to be quite a reckoning force – surely, it would prove most amusing if her appearance precedes her, and so most logical is it that such is what we will see. Not to mention, Achiga needs to blast through this portion soon and move onto more critical points of the series – at least some more extensive mahjong rounds, though that might be what one should look forward to with Arata and her gloves.


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