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First PV for upcoming imouto incest eroge, Imouto no Katachi, is now available – and while the game includes everything from a little sister to an android, it looks that all the females are indiscriminately cute.

The preview clip is laughably cheap in effect – a quick fly-by of a handful of still images, making for an overall short video, and the art isn’t even anything too rewarding. Nonetheless, the ero-game certainly doesn’t look unplayable or horrid – and it’s somewhat funny to see the blue-haired “robot for nursing care” acting like a normal second dimensional girl and blushing.

One must also be curious what sort of “nursing care” she specializes in considering this is an eroge.

Momentarily focusing on the scene backgrounds, they look rather bland, blurred, and several other adjectives aside from “well-done” – the environments are colorful which is a plus, though not particularly detailed. Being forgiving however, we’ll merely attribute the absence of intricacy to the game’s style – however, the character designs similarly have some oddities to them, such as disproportional facial features, which one will notice within the video, yet they still appear stunning for the most part, whereas again, the backgrounds are lacking.

As with most eroges, or 2-D based series in general, the selection of females appears quite diverse – albeit not branching beyond any of the typical archetypes of anime females. Still, it seems an interesting title to be sure – not a single girl is unattractive, and the choices are favorable as they include everything from ample and bishoujo to twintails and loli.

Imouto no Katachi’s incestual routes of romance will become playable July 27th.


  • avatar subby says:

    Sphere also made Yosuga no Sora, which is interesting as they’re both imouto eroge. Here’s hoping for an anime.

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