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Hyouka – Being Moeblob Isn’t Easy

May 13, 2012 @ 20:26 CDT

Unconventionality being at its very core, Hyouka progresses substantially – yet not in that an answer is found to the dilemma of the heroine, but that all the more unlikely possibilities are eliminated with insight.

By the conclusion of the episode, Oreki does come up with a potential theory for Chitanda’s problem – and while it is accepted and praised, other details suggest that despite being plausible, it may not be correct. The single fallacy in it is that although it’s a solid story in respect to Chitanda’s uncle – it fails to make any relation to Chitanda’s encounter with her uncle.

Walking home after school, sun setting, Oreki asks the moeblob to let their friends in on the investigation – the energetic fellow and the tsundere. She wavers, yet Oreki gives her a bit of a reminder that if the mystery isn’t solved soon enough, it’ll merely become “ancient history” – and with that, the moeblob is left feeling with little choice but to enlist further aide. She tells the tsundere and hyper blonde of her conundrum – and this sparks the start of an elaborate research venture.

Every character gathers at the mansion of moeblob after having assembled together a “theory” and some “data” – however, Oreki didn’t bother remembering to come up with much. No matter, the episode continues along – the two males arrive to manor of moeblob where two females await them, and now this makes a think tank of four. This consortium composed of cute and impatient initiates – and the leading moeblob opens the meeting with her procured information, as well as her assumption as to what could have happened to her uncle.

Chitanda’s hypothesis is based on information from the Kotenbu’s second to first anthology volume, “Hyouka” – and it surrounds the belief that her uncle was a merchant for a school fair stall, when he was attacked by troublemakers, yet defended himself, and was expelled as a result.

There’s actually five key points which the Hyouka volume lists regarding “Sekitani”, Chitanda’s uncle, and the conjecture must meet all five to be valid. Interpretation however can be taken all sorts of directions – and from that, the presumptions arrive at conflict.

Each member of the moeblob inspired, mystery solving syndicate presents their research – and gradually, some sense is made. A definite answer is not found – yet intriguing information is brought to light. The time period was around a heated political era of student protests, and a text introduced by the tsundere notes that the uncle of our moeblob heroine was expelled around October – whereas whatever the major incident he was involved in occurred in June.

Additionally, the entire student body is said to have been involved in some way, yet how specifically is unknown – most ideas say he led the school against the teachers in opposition.

With a slew of knowledge shared by everyone else, it comes to be Oreki’s turn to appease the peanut gallery – having prepared nothing, and now looking at his single sheet of paper, he realizes it has not a single statement of value written on it. Quite convenient to his cause however, rain starts to spill from the skies – and at that moment, he asks to use the restroom.

This quick evasive stalling maneuver leads him to a complex corridor that seems to, by fate, take him to Chitanda’s room – he doesn’t invasively venture inside, however he does catch sight of the extensive inquiring she’s been doing. Oreki decides he’ll put forth a mild effort – and upon entering the bathroom, which he indeed has managed to find, he assembles the pieces of the hypothetical puzzle till arriving at an answer.

Oreki returns to the gathering of moeblob and proceeds to articulate his verdict in the “five W” format.

Getting straight to the point, Oreki believes that the culture festival for the year in question was to be cut short – however Chitanda’s uncle debating to ensure it remained a five day span of festivities.

Everyone is quick to jump on the Oreki bandwagon as they believe this is correct – and indeed, there’s nothing with Oreki’s theory that would imply otherwise. It’s essentially flawless – or so it seems till everyone leaves, and the moeblob heroine then realizes that a single point remains unexplained. Why was she left crying by her uncle many years ago?

Hyouka is seemingly attempting to tell us that there’s more to the story – though could one not simply say she was sobbing as her uncle told her something perhaps along the lines of he’s leaving for India? As after all, the man supposedly went to India.

There’s not much else to say or speculate in that regard – yet one mention will be made, how does India relate to the Kotenbu at all? And on another note, the next episode preview bears an interesting scene – a sky of darkness with our protagonist looking down depressingly. There’s likely still a twist to the mystery – and in fact, Hyouka is in need of such. The series has been crawling for a while now – and the volume could use a boost before attention spans are lost, moeblob alone is ineffective.


  • alan says:

    I totally agree that our hero didn’t told during the meeting everything he figured out, and what makes me think are 3 obvious things that you already mentioned:

    Our moeblob heroine asks her self why she was left crying with what her uncle told her that day.

    The scene in the preview for next episode where we can see our main character looking at the floor while telling something to his friend.

    And the title for the next episode.

    So right now we can only wait for what our main character has to say.

    • Seven says:

      I believe Oreki purposefully cut the story short as well – it seems so obvious. Oreki’s primary goal is to waste as little time as possible – so if he can cut corners for whatever reason, he might have. Though he could also be feeling some emotions.

      • alan says:

        Could the truth really be that terrible that he doesn’t want our heroine to remember and is telling his friend to get it off his chest?

        • Seven says:

          That’d be the most likely and common scenario.

          The funniest scenario would be that Oreki realized she never had an uncle, and she’s just crazy – that would also explain her spontaneous outbursts of energy.

          • eliscrubs says:

            Chitanda: “Okay, it’s time to ask our last member, Seven, about his theory on what happened 45 years ago”
            Seven: “You never had an uncle you crazy denpa”

            You’d be the life of the kotenbu, Seven

  • Anonymous says:

    Well throughout the whole thing so far, the “moeblob”, as you like to call her, has been displaying an amazing memory. But this is the only thing that she can’t seem to remember. At this rate I doubt it will take all 21 episodes to actually get her to remember that again.

    side note: at the beginning of ending song she looks like Haruhi/Sora from Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai. Relevant :3

  • Anonymous says:

    It just isn’t moeblob that attracts me to this series. To put it bluntly, the characters aren’t idiots. Characters acting truly stupid in order to advance the plot is one of the cardinal offenses that makes drop a series. For example, look at Sankarea. The main character took an entire episode to realize how to treat the zombie girl with Hydrangeas. This is after seeing his zombie cat eat Hydrangeas and after discovering a remarkable reanimation potion which entirely depended on the addition of Hydrangeas.

    Anime needs more shows like Hyouka where the characters are not complete fools.

    • Seven says:

      I don’t like the moeblob at all – every time I see it, I’m reminded of K-ON and find it difficult to take the heroine seriously.

      I also concur that more cunning characters are needed – yet anime also needs more shows where the leading male isn’t a highschooler. Anything that takes place in highschool doesn’t even leave me bothering to remember it any more since there’ll be five more to take its place next season.

      • TheGoobKid says:

        That short-term memory of that girl is amazing though :O
        Remember K-ON’s whole selling point was a bunch of girls doing things that you expect them to do, like tripping over the most noticeable object in the room, and having no plot. The characters in this series are cutely drawn but at least they’re given a personality and problems and what not

        • Seven says:

          The characters in Hyouka mainly do intelligent stuff Oreki for instance says something insightful and detailed – then all of a sudden, there’s moeblob in your face. Scene ruined.

          • TheGoobKid says:

            Well I guess the other main difference is the (lack of) fanservice. Its got the same kinda gloomy feel as a few of the other mystery genres like maybe Kami no memo chou. OK given that the characters in that weren’t so different.

            At least she doesn’t bring that energy of hers to remember what she had for breakfast this morning/whatever I can think of after deleting all K-ON content off my mind with all the final’s prep. Now to drown misery away watching LuckyStar

            / (╯°□°)╯︵ ǝɹoɟǝq ɯoɹɟ sʇuǝɯnƃɹɐ ʎɯ ll∀

            • Seven says:

              Lucky Star is winfactory – now as for Hyouka, indeed, at least the lack of breakfast discussion is laudable.

              .erus rof s’taht ,yrp tniap gnihctaw naht retteb s’ti ,lleW
              ˙ǝɹns ɹoɟ s,ʇɐɥʇ ‘ʎɹp ʇuıɐd buıɥɔʇɐʍ uɐɥʇ ɹǝʇʇǝq s,ʇı ‘ןןǝʍ

  • Anonymous says:

    Eru is adorable, I’m in love with her hair and eyes.

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