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NicoNico ran a poll to learn which Fate/Zero characters would otaku most prefer to have as their lover – both males and females were asked, and the corresponding results show the top five from each ranking.

Female results:
1.) Kiritsugu Emiya (38.2%)
2.) Kotomine Kirei (10.7%)
3.) Lancer (9.9%)
4.) Archer (9.2%)
5.) Matou Kariya (8.4%)

Male results:
1.) Saber (34.1%)
2.) Irisviel (17.3%)
3.) Tohsaka Rin (10.6%)
4.) Matou Sakura (10.6%)
5.) Maiya (10.6%)

There’s little that can be said about the female results – under one light, it seems to hold true to some stereotype, females fall for the guy with a dark past, and etc. Then again, Kiritsugu only has 38.2% of the votes, the remaining percentage is spread across other characters – and it seems that overall, the most likely reason he ranks first is due to females simply falling susceptible to his lofty main character credentials.

In fact, combining his protagonist status with his iniquity, or phrasing it a bit differently, “his bad-ass attitude”, that essentially explains everything as to why he ranked first in a survey of desired lovers.

It’s a partial surprise that Gilgamesh didn’t rank particularly high – one would have thought a man of arrogance and an outfit of pure gold would have attracted many females. Though in any case, it’s more so a shock to see Kariya can still seduce ladies with the current state of his face.

As for the male results, they’re exactly as expected – Saber first, Irisviel second, the lolicons made their voice heard as well, and for lack of a sixth contender, Maiya made the list. Quite redundant indeed it would be to go in-depth on Saber – her mythological ripe body, moe attitude, and acquired popularity over the course of many years, and several series, makes her an instant win. Shifting attention to the sisters, Rin and Sakura, seeing as this is a polling based on Fate/Zero, that means they should still be in their loli days.

With such being the case, it is baffling that Rin didn’t manage to score first, or at least second – her association with Tohsaka Tokiyomi has more than likely watered down general opinion of her, as one would have otherwise assumed a loli Tohsaka Rin would be cute enough to outrank even a dreaming little girl. Then again, Rin receives little focus at all in Fate/Zero – thus the votes she received are more so based on name, rather than actual appearance.

Specifics considered, the list isn’t too unpredictable for the most part – however, the lolicons did disappoint, one would have thought their legion to be more potent a force, yet Illyasviel isn’t even on the list.


  • Seven says:


  • “Then again, Kiritsugu only has 38.2% of the voters, the remaining percentage is spread across other characters – and it seems that overall, the most likely reason he ranks first is due to the females simply falling susceptible to his lofty main character credentials.”

    By that logic, you could say the same for Saber, who ranked even lower in terms of sheer percentages by comparison; though I personally feel their deeply humanizing personas do quite a bit to add to their likability.

    One need only look at Kirei’s commendable second place to confirm this. It should go without saying that your average woman should be front and center for quite a bit of questioning as to why in the bloody hell she would feel anything for this unstable character whose only enjoyment seems to lie in the suffering of others.

    …And yet, it’s within his… let’s say… endearing pursuit of his own personal answers, one that can’t help but tug at those parental strings, that he comes off as so appealing to so many people.

    • Seven says:

      “By that logic, you could say the same for Saber”

      I could – you apparently did it for me somewhat however.

  • zekeinferno says:

    make the poll about the whole series in general and Saber’s percentage will go down further from Rider fans

  • eirei07 says:

    I’ve recently re-learned that the female mind is a weird thing, so instead of trying to think of reasons, I’ll just sit here and be astonished how Kiritsugu ranked first by a HUGE margin.

    …dammit, I can’t >_<. I think Kiritsugu being a family man factored in, not to mention how affectionate he was to Ilya. As seven stated, a man with a past as tragic and to an extension, a tormented state of mind, is popular with the crowd, regardless of gender.

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