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Following up on the month prior, Newtype’s character rankings for June 2012 still hold Saber in first place, yet the lower nine have been almost entirely replaced – with the most unworthy of females cluttering the list.

As usual, Saber’s position isn’t even worth discussing considering her ridiculous popularity – thus, focusing on second place however, K-ON’s Yui, we’re met with merely the same, but a bit worse. She’s managed to somehow ride the ranks – even though there’s nothing currently noteworthy of her series ongoing. No matter, it is fantastic that the first and second spots of the chart are now held by deserving characters – the pink haired excuse of a heroine “Inori” has thankfully fallen to third, although preferably, she shouldn’t even be on this list.

Little sense does it make as to how Macross Frontier’s provocative idol character has sustained fourth place for a second week in a row – her spot on the list isn’t too much of a bother, or at least not till one realizes there are many other characters who are more than warranted to rank high on the list, only to find that a character from a series which ended years ago, such as Sheryl, is occupying the slot instead. That’s actually quite ridiculous when thought about – yet there’s little which can be done.

Ano Natsu’s moe character moved up from seventh, and Accel World’s butterfly somehow debuted in sixth. The butterfly has no reason to be on here at all, especially not above the creeping cuteness Nyaruko – however given Newtype’s target audience, the result isn’t much a surprise.

It’s splendid to see Aquarion EVOL’s invisible loli elevate up the charts – though making for a final disappointment, Azunyan and InuBoku SS’ lovable Ririchiyo both slid downward.

When it comes down to it, the list is fine in that most of it isn’t a shock – yet, one nuisance exists in that seeing characters much beloved being knocked down, as all the while, those from series gone by several years ago remain up, that is the most irritating aspect, if any, of this ranking.


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