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Accel World’s sixth unadventurous endeavor isn’t anything monumental in caliber, yet it’s not something too worthy of ridicule either – a relatively decent episode with the usual faults still in place, but managing.

Now don’t take this mistakenly, this is definitely an episode ridiculous enough one can point out a slurry of specifics and unforgivingly poke fun at them and how poorly they were done or implemented – yet this spectacle is, however, at least not as wretched as the one prior.

Sustaining a fair pace till the final few minutes, the episode starts and quickly eases into the theme of the hour – pigboy and his friend apologize to the insignificant side-character female, and not too surprisingly, she’s been angry ever since. She clearly knows nothing about the game “Burst Link” however – and with little effort, she allows the situation to slide with an arbitrary act of repentance to satisfy her gluttony, a hefty assortment of ice cream flavors, ultimately accepting her “friends” yet again before even finishing all the ice cream.

Turning to a more relevant matter, pigboy and his friend seem to have come to terms – and the two are working together to achieve a goal which, from the series launch till now, hasn’t been specified, though nonetheless, we’re shown mild progression. Pigboy and blueman fight as a team, the purpose being to aide pigboy in gaining points as needed to level up – in not much time, they get there, however leveling up presents a problem for pigboy.

Pigboy is illiterate and he doesn’t take his friend seriously – so when simultaneously presented with a confirmation window and frantic yelling from his friend, both warning him of what he’s about to do, pigboy does it anyways, making himself level two. By leveling up so early after becoming eligible, he has effectively made himself susceptible to something worse than death – losing an RPG game.

His mere pittance of points remaining means any to assault and defeat him will have him expelled from the game for good – a tragedy which would mark the end of our protagonist’s life as it’s not as if he lived for anything besides the MMORPG he’s obsessed with.

His untrustworthy friend proposes a solution, though pigboy turns him down – whether for reasons of trust or otherwise, it should still remain apparent to anyone that a one time antagonist with such a suspicious background could still be susceptible, or rather, contemplative of the worst. In fact, we’re shown that the blue man still keeps in touch with what is apparently a crew of terrible evildoers who put him up to his horrible, RPG playing deeds.

Much time wasted later, the two decide to cheat – despicably resorting to real-world trading to solve the pig’s problem that he’s a failure at an RPG title. A bodyguard is hired who specializes in protecting losers, and she ends up generically meeting the pigboy – it’s hard to understand where oppai fondling became a staple of Japanese animation, although it seemingly has. Pigboy dawdles in his thoughts about how the bodyguard is a girl, and various other meaningless tidbits – all the while, his friend is called to the hospital by the butterfly.

It looks that he’s been ambushed as the butterfly goes into “Burst Link” mode upon his arrival – apparently, suspecting him of something. In any case, it’s yet another ending with an artificial sense of suspense – and better yet, the previous one never went satisfied.

The butterfly’s name was never shared even thought it went hyped by the end of Accel World’s fifth episode – now one can merely only hope this conclusion’s storyline isn’t abandoned to purgatory as well.


  • Hawkward says:

    When I first watched this, and saw that Chiyu was already told about the Brain Burst and that we somehow missed the hype of conversation last episode – which you rightfully highlighted, I actually had to look back at a recap of the last episode, thinking that I missed a huge chunk of someting. But nope, it was all pasted together and those inept for remembering names had to use their Google power search engines to find the heroines overly complicated name (hint, it was “Kuroyukihime”)

    I still enjoy this anime a lot, being a sucker for it’s basic setting, and plentiful supply of ecchi, but that, as well as the quality OP and ED is all that is keeping it afloat for people looking for something a little more than just openly oral scenes with a pea sized side-dish of fighting.

    • Seven says:


      Isn’t her real name, it’s what he’s been calling her forever.

      • Hawkward says:

        Ah… well not that her name matters anyway.
        Also Baru is officially remaining a tool character I think, and one that people pity. He acts strong, but I honestly think he’s weak still despite having that unsurprising “hidden ability” – that which many weak protagonists have and don’t discover/make use of ’till the end. So much for character development, he’s started as a weak male protagonist, and remains a weak male protagonist (incase that wasn’t highlighted enough already).

        • Seven says:

          This series is accurate in that it covers a lifestyle as imbecilic as one who actually devotes themselves to an RPG – and similarly, the protagonist fits the role.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    I wonder what will happen to Taku and Butterfly (her name is so hard to spell. and I love her new hair) – of course they’ll get into a fight. I hope bad things will happen as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hahaha Haru sure did mess up big time. I think the author wrote way too many negative traits into him. I don’t mind his appearance, but sometimes he just derps. I have a high tolerance for his derpyness since I know he gets better, but there’s still more Haru fcking up to come. I can still get a massive amount of enjoyment out of this series so it’s all cool.

    I’m curious about a few things though. Your tone suggests that you think the level of seriousness the characters allot to the game is over-blown, is that true? From my point of view the real-life advantages afforded by burst-linking seems to merit some effort in maintaining. I know there are many real life people that devote even more effort to RPGs than the characters of Accel World do.

    Speaking of people who devote themselves to RPGS,

    “This series is accurate in that it covers a lifestyle as imbecilic as one who actually devotes themselves to an RPG – and similarly, the protagonist fits the role.”

    I think real life people who devote themselves to RPGs would love to have a hot girl pinning for them and childhood friends watching their backs. I’m sure a Japanese-anime scene where they trip into boobs would be a fun event for them too. Although saying everyone who likes RPGs has an “imbecilic” life-style might be a bit much.

    • Seven says:

      “‘imbecilic’ life-style might be a bit much.”

      I wasn’t particularly clear – I meant the lifestyle experienced in-game when one plays an RPG. For instance, the childishness prevalent when interacting with other characters, the numerous glitches in-game, the grinding to build skills, etc.

      And yes, I think it is overblown – although that could be as I feel the game wasn’t properly introduced to begin with. It has too much of an impact on reality which seems almost ridiculous.

      On another note, interesting response you’ve written. I’ve just leave this here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Haru’s baka-baka was indeed cringe worthy. I was thinking in my mind “I was SURE he had better reasons in the manga”. I was expecting him to have a more convincing lecture to counter Taku’s points. Although while I was watching the episode I brushed that aside and just enjoyed it for the lulz. Looking back on things does clear up one’s rose-colored first impressions. Although that doesn’t mean I think this show is bad haha, it just has it’s flaws.

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