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Character profiles have been made available for an upcoming slice of life OVA sponsored by vehicle manufacturer Honda, a work entitled “One Off” – much like the PV, these illustrations are lovely and impressive.

Taking a look at the entire set, notable features of the designs include slim figures – the seemingly all-female cast have very slender physiques, however they’re not flat in terms of composition. The characters first have a sense of dynamics – the visage sketches showcase well simply how much personality is overflowing in each character as they provide a small sample subset of various emotions sketched gorgeously, and in a manner which leaves one falling in love with these girls already.

Secondly, the girls physically have curves to them – realistic subtle lines of curvature composes their bodies, reacting accordingly with the angle at which the girl in question is standing relative to our point of view.

For instance, our heroine above doesn’t show off much curves aside from those which make her legs – her distinctive fluffed out sweater hides many of her upper body characteristics, and her pose isn’t particularly one which emphasizes the frame to begin with. On the other hand, scrolling below to the blue haired “Maezono Rie”, one needn’t even examine her too intently to immediately notice, and be by entranced for that matter, her delectable physical charm.

Her back doesn’t arch drastically in an overly female articulating display as is commonly seen – rather, it conveys the allure of a well-shaped girl naturally, delicate curves with meaning, precisely applied, and with heavy impact. Thanks to such, even though her chest isn’t bulging outward like some mountainous arrangement, an inferior method of artificially portraying beauty, she still appears so immensely delightful to glare upon.

Curves have been properly taken advantage of, and combining that with the elements of color, shadow, and creativity, the outcome was clearly a success.

Stunning for the second time, there’s more than enough reason to be anxious for this OVA – contrary to what one might think, it doesn’t seem to be a cheap marketing attempt by Honda, who is driving the creation of this work, as quality is nowhere near lacking.


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