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Otaku with a fondness for waiting in the summer will likely be bewitched by this Ano Natsu laptop PC – unfortunately for those individuals however, this laptop comes at a price which isn’t as friendly as summer skies.

The scheme here is no different than with the “Another” laptop – as well as the several eroge themed few before it.

Essentially, the deal is that one can receive a netbook with an image plastered on the back, some desktop wallpapers pre-included, and several sound packs, for the price of a high-end laptop. Basically, what one could achieve for around $36 USD, the money going to printing an adhesive artwork for your laptop’s lid, and the digital goodies being free, is being applied to the cheapest of personal computers, and the profit margin is being multiplied tenfold – if not eleven. This is almost like an organized crime syndicate rather than a business.

However, it gets worse – there’s two more tiers of option available, both of which are actual laptops, and both exceeding a thousand USD. A mid-range, Core i3 laptop with the super spectacular Ano Natsu upgrade applied is being pushed at the ridiculous price of approximately $1754 – whereas a more robust model which one could amazingly score for a mere $1000 or so is peddled for 164,800 yen, or nearly $2070 USD.

According to this petty illogical pricing, an adhesive sticker and some desktop backgrounds are worth $1000 USD.

Yet don’t think no one is crazy enough to buy these – in fact, they’re all already sold out. All of them. Otaku can occasionally be quite shameful creatures it seems.


  • Sentum says:

    Haha, easy to profit from hardcore otakus.

  • lolshack says:

    Be a pirate and save >2000 USD by:

    -setting up Ano Natsu desktop background
    -sticking Ano Natsu-themed wallpaper-sticker-thingy

    Doing it pirate style. Save your money for BD, guys.

    • Sentum says:

      There’s also a pirate way of getting BD, download an anime and burn it into a BD disc, it’s not like the quality is worse and you’re buying BD release not for cover. But buying real BD means supporting the studio.

  • wolfdawg says:

    Not so overpriced IMO, the 164,800 yen version has specs similar to most alienware and fit with a blu-ray player. I’d put a 9cell battery in it to make use of the blu-ray player on the go.
    GPU is useful for any 3D doujin

    They should like bundle the anime with this.

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